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WJC-6550:  1644 Charles 1st “Declaration” Shilling.  Oxford provincial mint date in script.  Spink 2975A.  A nice grade, seldom seen denomination in this Declaration issue.  £795


WMH-6545:  Edward 2nd Hammered Silver Class 11a Penny.  Class 11a issue from the Canterbury mint.  This coin was part of the famous Aberdeen Hoard of 1886 –12,236 Edward pennies.  Sold with old tickets.  Spink 1466.  Ex J.R. Stewart, ex Baldwins.  £95


WMH-6546:  Edward IV (1st Reign) Hammered Silver BRISTOL Groat.  Provincial issue, light coinage, 1467 – 1470.  Quatrefoils by neck, B on breast, initial mark crown (1468-9), Spink 2004.  Provenance back to 1959 with interesting old tickets.  Much above average for this issue.  £245


WI-6548:  1805 Irish GILT-PROOF Copper Halfpenny.  Plain edge, EF or better.  £245


WMH-6538:  Edward III Hammered Silver Third Issue Penny in Lovely Grade.  Class II, London.  Spink 1544.  A really nice grade coin.  £119


WMH-6539:  Henry V Hammered Silver Penny.  York mint, London dies, class F.  Spink 1788.  Sold with a very old ticket.  Outstanding portrait.  £129


WMH-6540:  Edward IV Hammered Silver Penny.  Second reign penny, i.m. Rose.  Struck under Bishop Booth of York.  An exceptional portrait coin for this notoriously bad issue.  Sold with this informative old ticket.  It may interest you to know that many of the northern Episcopal Edward IV and Richard III pennies were not actually clipped.  They were purposefully struck on reduced flans, using correctly sized dies, in order defraud the crown in favour of the Church (or individuals within the church!)  A lovely coin, possibly the best I’ve ever seen of this type.  £145


WTH-6541:  Henry VII Hammered Silver Half Penny.  London mint, type IIIc.  Initial mark Pheon.  Spink 2245.  This is a very nice looking coin in the hand – the images do it no justice whatsoever.  £62


WAu-6542:  Robert III Scottish Hammered Gold Demi-Lion.  Heavy coinage, second issue, value two shillings and sixpence.  Spink 5158.  A nice grade, problem-free Medieval Scottish gold coin.  £3,250


WAu-6534:  Edward III Hammered Gold Full Noble.  Transitional Treaty Period issue, circa 1361 only, Spink 1499.  No crack, chips or any other issues other than a slightly rough edge.  Very nice grade – easily VF detail – being a rarer, single issue type and listed at £4,000 in Spink 2018.  Very few nobles from this Transitional Treaty Period enter the market place (London coins have only ever sold a single example).  Detailed old ticket images here.  North list this as Rare and they seldom go above scarce for nobles.  £3,150


WMH-6535: Edward 2nd Hammered Silver “Sterling” Penny.  Gaucher of Chatillon, 1313-22.  An Yves continental imitation silver penny that circulated freely during the time of Edward II and beyond, ultimately finding its way into the famous Aberdeed Hoard of 12,236 pennies which was found in May of 1886.  To illustrate how rare these Sterling issues are, this exact coin was one of only eighty four Sterlings in the hoard of 12,236 coins.  Old tickets here.  Ex J.R. Stewart, ex Baldwins.  £125


WTH-6537:  Henry VIII Hammered Silver Half “Portcullis” Farthing.  A second issue coin (1526-44) that Coincraft states: “All Henry VIII farthings are extremely rare and collectors will have great difficulty in obtaining an example.”  HistoryInCoins has just removed that difficulty but beware – once this coin is sold, the difficulty returns!  RVTILANS ROSA means Dazzling Rose.  Spink 2362 (£325 in F, £750 VF in 2018 edition).  Please note, this is a tiny coin (I believe the smallest English hammered coin?) thus magnification on the image is extreme.  As such, the coin will look worse than it is in the hand – you only have to look at all the blemishes on the US 1c to the right of the image to see that.  Sold with an old printed information slip.  A very rare coin indeed.  £435


WAu-6529:  Edward IV Medieval Hammered Gold Angel.  Second reign, initial mark Cinquefoil (1480-83) so very late in the reign.  5.00 grams.  There is dirt in the reverse bowsprit area – see camera phone image here.  Spink 2091 – London.  Sold with old auction tickets.  £1,995




This Week’s Listings:



WMH-6552:  Stephen Norman Kings’ WORCESTER Hammered Silver Penny.  1136-45.  B.M.C. 1 - Cross Moline (Watford) type.  (+P)VLFRIC.ON.PIRE(C) - Wulfric of Worcester.  Spink 1278.  Excellent portrait with more legends than normally seen.  Worcester is a rare mint, rated at £900 by Spink.  You see London mint coins in this grade achieving £1000+ these days.  This is high grade AND Worcester!  £1,195


WTH-6553: 1592-95 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Shilling.  Sixth issue, initial mark Tun, bust 6B.  Spink 2577.  Very nice grade.  £255