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WAu-6449:  Henry VI Hammered GOLD Noble.  Annulet issue, London mint.  H in reverse centre, annulet in one spandrel.  6.65g.  Spink 1801, Schneider 832 var.  Slightly creased, very fine.  Ex Baldwins (sold with their printout).  £2550


WTH-6461:  1566 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  3rd & 4th issues, initial mark Lion.  Very nice grade.  Spink 2562.  £145


WMH-6458:  Henry III Voided Long Cross Medieval Penny.  Newcastle mint.  Moneyer = Ion.  Class 3b, Spink 1363.  £55


WMH-6459:  Henry III Voided Long Cross Medieval Penny.  Bury St Edmonds mint.  Moneyer = Ion.  Class 3b, Spink 1363.  £49


WSC-6460:  David II Medieval Scottish Hammered Silver Penny.  Second coinage, 1351-57.  VILLA ABERDON – the very rare Aberdeen provincial mint.  Spink 5121 where the 2015 price guide lists this coin at £900.  I am unaware of any Aberdeen pennies coming up for sale in recent or even non recent times.  A great rarity.  £695


WSC-6452:  Alexander III Scottish Hammered Silver Penny.  Second coinage, 1280-86.  The rarer Perth mint town.  Very nice grade.  Spink 5055.  £165


WAu-6453:  Edward IV Medieval Hammered Silver Angel.  Second reign, initial mark annulet, 1471-72.  Very nice grade.  Spink 2091.  £2,395


WSax-6448:  Cnut Late Saxon Hammered Silver Penny.  Pointed helmet type (1024-30), B.M.C. xiv.  Blundered and retrograde images – a contemporary imitation of possibly Continental origins.  We’re all aware of the later Norman practice of test cutting Henry 1st pennies, indicating that contemporary counterfeits were a serious issue at the time, but how many of us have actually seen Saxon and Norman contemporary counterfeits?  This coin would fool anyone in Saxon / Norman times (and now), assuming they were illiterate, which many people were.  A rare and interesting coin requiring much research.  Ex Spink.  £385





This Week’s Listings:


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WTH-6463:  Philip & Mary Hammered Silver Groat.  1554-58.  Spink 2508.  Initial mark Lis.  Strong bust and legends – just a small unrepaired flan crack at 9 o’clock.  £245


WSC-6464:  1602 James VI Scottish Hammered Silver Eighth Thistle Merk.  Eighth coinage, very clear date, Spink 5500.  Much above average for this generally poor issue.  £85


WJC-6465:  Charles 1st Hammered Silver Shilling.  Civil War issue – Tower mint under Parliament.  Class 4.5 var.  with the rare i.m. sun over eye, 1645-46.  A very late reign silver shilling struck in troubled times at the Tower mint under Parliament, ie Cromwell.  The Sun over Eye initial mark is recorded in Brooker (single example, this one better).  £189


WJC-6466:  Charles 1st Hammered Silver Shilling.  Tower mint under Parliament.  Class 3a.  i.m. Tun, 1636-38.  Attractive toning and very little wear – worn or ineffective obverse die.  Spink 2791.  £98