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WTH-6820:  Henry VIII Hammered Silver Groat.  Third issue, no initial marks.  Bust 3 (Laker bust E).  Southwark int, Spink 2371.  Excellent portrait for issue.  £295


WTH-6821:  1561 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Three Halfpence – the very first date in the issue.  Initial mark Pheon – commenced operation on 26th October 1561 so very late on in 1561.  Spink 2569.  High grade - reported to be a hoard coin.  SOLD


WJC-6822:  1644 Oxford Declaration Issue Threepence.  Struck during the first Civil War period at Oxford.  Spink 2994.  Rare.  £285


WTH-6823:  Henry VII Hammered Silver Halfgroat.  Initial mark Lis, 1487 only.  London mint, class IIIb.  Spink 2204.  SOLD


WTH-6824:  Henry VII Hammered Silver Halfgroat.  Initial mark Martlet (1504-9), York Episcopal mint struck under Archbishop Savage.  Double arched crown.  Spink 2215.  £65


WTH-6825:  1575 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Three Halfpence.  Initial mark eglantine.  Spink 2569.  A relatively high grade example of a dated, less common denomination Elizabeth 1st silver coin.  Reported to be part of an old hoard – I only managed to buy a couple of the coins, the other being a 1561 three halfpence which is now sold.  £185


WAu-6826:  1679 Charles II Full Gold Guinea.  Fourth laureate bust, rounded truncation; crowned cruciform shields with sceptres in angles.  Spink 3344 (£2,650 VF in 2020).  8.33 grams.  Not from a mount.  £1,995




This Week’s Listings



WMH-6827:  Edward 1st Medieval Hammered Silver CHESTER Mint Penny.  Class 9b, CIVI TAS CES TRIE.  Chester is, contrary to what Spink suggests, one of the two rarest mints for Edward coinage.  Spink 1420.  Toned, full flan, slightly off-struck and with an uneven strike.  £145


WTH-6828:  Henry VIII Hammered Silver Sovereign Penny.  A second issue Episcopal Sovereign penny of Durham (C-D by shield) struck under Bishop Tunstall.  Spink 2354.  An excellent example of this sought after Durham mint coin, although my “good” camera made a pretty poor effort of photographing this coin; the other images are via a camera phone.  £125


WJC-6829:  Charles 1st Official Coin Weight for Hammered Silver Halfcrown Coin.  1625-49, issued officially by the mint – there was certainly an issue with counterfeit halfcrowns under Charles 1st.  Stuart hammered gold (especially under Charles 1st) unite and crown coin weights are rare enough these days but halfcrown coin weights are rarer still.  £135


WSC-6830:  Alexander III Rarer 1st Issue St Andrew’s Mint Cut Halfpenny.  Long cross & stars, 1250-80.  TO(MAS.ON.)AN – Tomas of St Andrew’s.  Type IV, Spink 5044.  One of the rarest of the Scottish mints.  The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford has only a single example (a poor coin) whilst the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow holds no examples.  The National Museum (Edinburgh) holds two.  There were only two dies in use - one with AN the other as ANDER as the mint signatures.  This is a very rare coin.  £249