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WMH-6625:  Richard II Hammered Silver Penny.  York mint.  Class II.  Spink 1691.  Difficult to photograph as the coin has likely been cleaned (or is from a hoard) but really, one of the best grade examples of a R.II penny I’ve seen in an awful long time.  Lord Stewartby states that whilst production of gold throughout the reign remained constant, silver was somewhat erratic and far from prolific – and what you do see is, along with Henry IV coinage, worn and clipped to within an inch of its life.  Rare in this grade.  £245


WSC-6626:  1697 Scottish William II Silver 40 Shillings.  A large Scottish silver coin in remarkably good grade for the issue.  Spink 5682 (Spink 2015: £675, £2,250).  Rare in this grade.  £545


WSC-6627:  Alexander III Rarer 1st Issue “FRES” Mint Penny.  Long cross & stars, 1250-80.  Type III portrait – Spink 5043 – and the very rare Fres mint.  This is one of the rarest Scottish mints – only Montrose and Wilanerter being rarer.  Montrose actually used this coin's obverse die so there is a strong correlation between the Fres & Montrose mints (see BNJ 1974 and BNJ 1990 60 6).  There were no examples of this coin in the famous Colchester Hoard.  Old Mike Vosper ticket shown here with his old price.  £345


WSC-6623:  Scottish Charles 1st Hammered Silver 3 Shillings.  Fourth coinage of 1642.  Spink 5592.  Rare.  £225


WAu-6624:  1678/7 Charles II Gold Half Guineas – a “Bender” Love Token.  The famous children’s nursery rhyme goes: "There was a crooked man who had a crooked cat... who found a crooked sixpence..."  The fad of the day was to bend a silver coin into this specific Z shape (you wouldn't think it but it's actually a mightily hard thing to do!) and present it to a potential partner in order, presumably, to impress them.  Nowadays we’d just offer to buy them a drink!!  In the above Nursery Rhyme, the old man found a crooked (ie Bender) sixpence.  The suitor who bent this particular coin for his sweetheart must have been very rich to have used a half guinea as it is usually silver sixpences that we see.  However, it looks like his wealth counted for nothing as a metal detectorist found this coin in a field, meaning the woman must have thrown it away in disgust all those years ago!!  Hard to photograph so a compilation image here.  £525 / £1,750 in Spink 2018.  Any decent jeweller could have this straighten out if that's what you wanted to do.  £445


WSC-6620:  1572 Scottish James VI Hammered Silver Half Merk or Noble.  Second coinage, very nice grade and beautifully toned.  Sold with a very old collector’s ticket.  A lovely coin.  £375


WTH-6621:  1582 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Threepence.  Initial mark Sword.  Spink 2573.  Much above average grade.  £175


WAu-6615:  1664 Charles II Gold Two Guineas with Elephant Below.  First laureate bust (in fact, first ever date for Charles II two guineas) with pointed truncation.  16.55g, no mount marks, toned.  About VF on the reverse; goof fine or better on the obverse.  Spink 3334.  An honest, unmolested Charles II Gold Two Guineas – something not that easy to find these days.  £3,995 RESERVED


WSC-6617:  David II Medieval Scottish Hammered Silver Halfgroat.  Third “Light” coinage, 1367-71.  Star at base of sceptre.  Spink 5127.  Edinburgh mint.  £265


WI-6607: Irish Edward IV Hammered Silver Groat.  Very heavy Cross & Pellets coinage of 1465 only.  G on breast (mintmaster Germyn Lynch), Dublin mint.  Spink 6294.  A lot rarer than Spink suggest.  £285


WTH-6608:  1574  Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  3rd & 4th issues, initial mark Eglantine.  Spink 2563.  1574 as a date represents a frequency of 4.1% for the 2,716 recorded single finds of Elizabeth 1st coins and 4.2% for all 5,588 recorded Elizabeth 1st hoard coins.  £98


WJC-6605:  1644 Charles 1st Exeter Groat.  Rare dated provincial mint coin with the large Rose as the initial mark.  Dated 1644.  Spink 3088.  A rare Charles 1st Civil War four pence in exceptionally good grade for the issue.  £575


WTH-6606:  Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Groat.  Initial mark Cross Crosslet, second issue, 1st December 1560 to 24th October 1561.  Spink 2556.  Hammered groats were only struck for a total of 18 months (Spring of 1560 to October 1561) – the Martlet and Cross Crosslet were the last issues even though Elizabeth reigned for a further 40+ years.  Although the Cross Crosslet say a whole 8 days more production, today it is slightly rarer than the Martlet.  This coin is very nice grade.  £245


WAu-6598:  1602 James VI Scottish Hammered Gold Full Sword & Sceptre Piece.  Eighth issue, value 120 shillings.  Spink 5460.  A problem-free Scottish hammered gold coin which is very reasonably priced. Sold with a pair of old slips – one being a photograph of the coin, the other it’s accompanying description stating: “Ex Aston’s, September 1976”. (E)  £1,395


WAu-6599:  1627-8 Charles 1st Hammered Gold Crown.  Tower mint under the king with initial mark Castle.  Group B, second bust, Spink 2711.  An unusual coin as there ios no inner circle on the obverse.  The ticket mentions this with some reference that I can’t make out.  The castle, as an initial mark, is one of the rarest in the Charles 1st series for gold crowns.  A nice gold coin from this most interesting of reigns (E).  £595




This Week’s Listings:



WCA-6628:  1686 James II Silver Fourpence.  A short-reigned monarch.  £78


WI-6629:  1690 Irish Gun Money Full Crown.  Struck over a large Gun Money half crown.  Nice grade example with the huge benefit of having much host coin still visible, including the sought after date.  The first I’ve ever had and I’m not sure I recall even seeing one with the original date showing through before.  £265