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WCom-6403:  1653 Commonwealth Hammered Silver Shilling.  Oliver Cromwell’s Commonwealth, initial mark Sun, 5.42g.  The obverse reads: COMMONWEATH [L missing] and there is no stop after THE.  The ticket states this is the recorded COMMONWEALH [T missing] variety which is E.S.C.989 (I’m told E.S.C. 130 in the revised edition?), rated at R4 rarity which means 11-20 known examples.  This coin is actually an E.S.C. unrecorded “missing L” variety.  If you look at the definitive guide to Commonwealth coinage (, you will see both varieties listed and both having six star rarity values.  The COMMONWEATH die (this coin) also has the missing stop after THE whereas the missing T variety doesn’t.  A great rarity in the Commonwealth series being unrecorded in E.S.C. (Spink don’t bother listing any variations), full of flan and nice grade.  £895


WG-6404:  1820 George III Silver Crown – High Grade.  LX edge, Spink 3787.  There are a couple of pin holes on the edge where this coin has been pivot-mounted.  Doesn’t detract from what is a lovely coin.  £85


WG-6405:  1787 George III Silver Sixpence.  The only sixpence struck in a period between 1758 (George II) and 1816.  Spink 3748 (no hearts).  Nice grade with some toning.  £65


WMH-6400:  William 1st Hammered Norman Penny.  Lewes mint: +PINRAEP.ON.LEPI, PAXS type (B.M.C. 8).  A rare Norman mint town.  There has been some speculation of late as to whether these BMC 8 issues are actually from the reign of William II with one auction house now actually listing BMC 8 coins as William II.  £780


WTH-6401:  1551-53 Edward VI Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Fine issue, im Tun.  Spink 2483.  Very good grade.  £395


WCA-6397:  1694 William & Mary Silver Proof Farthing.  Plain edge.  Peck 623.  EF grade and simply stunning.  Choice.  £745 


WMH-6389:  William 1st Hammered Norman Penny.  Sandwich mint: +IELFHEH.ON.SAND, Profile right type (B.M.C. 7).  Spink 1256 (listed £3,000 for type and moneyer in 2017).  The rarest of the William 1st types and from a rare mint town – there are only two examples of this type and moneyer listed on the EMC and SCBI databases with one of those being a fragment and the other not as good as this coin.  Ex Lord Stewartby, ex Spink.  Excessively rare and choice.  £2,395


WTH-6390:  Dated 1574 Elizabeth 1st / Mary Queen of Scots Counter in High Grade – Larger Variety.  From a series of such counters or tickets, all of which originated in London.  Lead-alloy and extremely well preserved in both metal and grade.  This is a crude, contemporary device proclaiming support for Mary, Queen of Scots.  During 1574, Mary was effectively under house arrest as she was considered a threat to the English throne.  In 1571 there was actually a plot to replace Elizabeth with Mary (Ridolfi plot) by the Duke of Norfolk and Spanish troops.  This failed and Norfolk was executed.  Immediately afterwards, there was a bill to bar Mary from the English throne.  Interestingly, Elizabeth refused to give Royal ascent to the bill.  The obverse has the legend, “HONI SOIT MAL Y PENCE” which is a crude interpretation of HONI SOIT Q MAL PEN, meaning “Shamed Be He Who Thinks Evil Of It”.  The Order of the Garter was a title that Mary could only achieve if she were the sovereign of England so again, a useful device for Mary’s partisan die sinker.  Used very specifically in the City of London only (they have only ever been found there) and due to the affiliation, unlikely to have been prolific.  Recorded in Medallic Illustration (M.I. 121/58).  ex Spink (1998 ticket) where is sold for £200.  Extraordinarily high grade.  £345


WI-6387:  Irish Edward IV Hammered Silver Penny.  Light cross & pellets issue of 1470-78.  Burns’ T-9, Trim.  Spink 6381A.  0.46g, 12mm.  Ex Jim Sazama, ex York Coins, ex Jasper Burns (his plate coin).  Burns knew of only four examples of this coin.  Sold with three old tickets etc.  A very rare coin.  £395


WSC-6388:  Robert “The Bruce” 1st Medieval Scottish Hammered Silver Penny.  Bust of Robert Bruce left, reverse four mullets of five points each.  Coinage was only struck very late in this reign.  Spink 5076.  Rare.  £995


An Ivory bust of Charles II.  Measuring 66mm (maximum) high, I couldn’t resist buying this.  Extra image here.  Its origins clearly lie way before the 1947 CITES convention.  It was sold to me as Georgian / early Victorian but my thoughts were French and much earlier – late 1600’s to early 1700’s to mark the Restoration.  The Charles II crown in the image is not included in this sale.  £550



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WAu-6406:  1793 George III Full Gold Guinea.  Fifth bust with spade shield.  High grade (hard to photograph: see here for a compilation of images in various lighting) with single blob of solder on reverse.  Spink 3729.  £494


WTH-6407:  1600 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Sixth issue, initial mark 0. Spink 2578b.   A rarer date that when it does turn up is invariably worn or damaged.  This is the best grade 1600 sixpence I have seen.  £395