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WMH-7146:  Edward III Medieval Hammered Silver Halfgroat.  Pre Treaty period, London mint, type D, 1352-3 only, Spink 1575.  Ex Corringham Hoard (see information sheet), ex Steve Clarke, ex Michael Trenerry. Sold with an additional old ticket as well as an auction entry slip.  All tickets / information sheets will accompany this coin.  £185


WAu-7147:  Richard II Medieval Hammered Gold Noble.  Type IIB, London mint with French titles omitted: RIC|ARD:DEI:GRA:REX:AnGL:DnS:hIB Z AQT.  Full weight and the fine style variety of Spink 1655.  A good, old VF in grade and problem-free.  Ex Trajan collection, ex Spink.  A choice example.  £6,795


WI-7148:  Richard III Hammered Silver Irish Penny.  Cross & Pellets coinage of 1483-5.  Dublin mint [CIVI] TAS [DV]B L[IN].  Annulets by neck, distinctive Richard III face: Burns DU-17R, Spink 6410 (2020: £3,500 VF).  Small of flan, as always - it is thought that these coins were not always heavily clipped; rather they were full size dies struck on very short flans.  A very rare coin indeed.  £1,895


WMH-7141:  Richard III Late Medieval Hammered Silver Groat.  Initial mark Halved Sun and Rose (1), London mint, Spink 2154.  Ex J.T. Joyner collection.  Old tickets.  Strong portrait, clear legends – a very collectable example.  £1,950


WTH-7142:  Edward VI Tudor Hammered Silver Shilling.  Second period, January 1549 to April 1550; second debased issue.  Initial mark Bow.  Durham House issue and unlike other shillings from this period, undated.  5.67 grams, 31mm diameter.  Spink 2477.  The coin is not broken at 7 o’clock – the edge is smooth to the touch and was issued from the mint exactly like this.  Excellent silver for this debased issue and undoubtedly the best grade example I have ever handled.  Sold with an old ticket.  Choice.  £1,850


WTH-7143:  Mary Tudor Hammered Silver Groat.  Initial mark Pomegranate, 1553-1554 only.  An affordable example.  £185


WTH-7144:  1591 Elizabeth 1st Tudor Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Initial mark Hand, sixth issue.  1591 as a date represents a frequency of 1.2% for the 2,716 recorded single finds of Elizabeth 1st coins and 1.2% for all 5,588 recorded Elizabeth 1st hoard coins.  1591 is the fifteenth rarest of all forty two dates.  £165


WCA-7145:  1686 James II Tin Halfpenny.  Copper plug intact, slabbed by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation as XF45 – the lower end of the EF grade bandwidth.  All tin coins are extremely rare in this high grade with this date (the rarest of all three dates) stated as Very Rare by Peck.  Further, the coin database shows this to be only the second example of a 1686 being offered on the open market since 2003, the other being ex Dr Nicholson collection.  Choice.  £1,950


WI-7140:  1559 Elizabeth 1st Irish Hammered Billon Silver Groat.  First issue, preceding the 1561 fine silver issue, at 0.250 silver content.  Ex Walter Wilkinson collection, accompanied by all his tickets.  The Walter Wilkinson collection was one of the best collections of Elizabeth 1st coinage ever put together.  Throughout the long life of the collection, Walter was constantly buying in better grade examples to improve the collection.  This coin is a superb example which I have certainly not shown through my poor images.  It’s a VF coin, regardless of the atrocious nature of the issue in general and the provenance is as good as it gets.  £575


WMH-7127:  William 1st Norman Hammered Silver Rarer Mint Penny.  + ÆLFPINE ON PILT – rarer Wilton mint town.  B.M.C. 8 – PAXS type, 1083-86, Spink 1257.  Only two different moneyers recorded under Wilton for the PAXS type with Aefwine being rarer than the other - Saewine.  £945


WTH-7125:  1550 Edward VI Hammered Silver Shilling.  Struck at the Tower of London mint in 1550 (dated MDL, which is a rarer date) with the initial mark Martlet, which again is a much rarer mark.  Crowned bust 5.  5.66g, Spink 2466.  Nicely toned, albeit with the usual flat strike areas, with clear date and initial marks.  Sold with a detailed information slip and an annotated collector’s paper coin envelope.  A rare coin.  £425


WI-7126:  1682 Irish-American St Patrick Copper Farthing.  Brass anti counterfeiting plug very much in situ with excellent detail both sides.  No damage or repairs.  Spink 6569.  Struck on a large flan (25mm diameter).  This is possibly the best grade example I have ever handled.  Collectors of this issue will be aware that they were struck in Dublin on soft metal and that virtually all extant examples, and there aren’t really that many in total, are grim in the extreme.  A rare and desirable coin in any grade but clearly much more so this coin.  £785


WTH-7113:  1567 Elizabeth 1st Milled or Machine Pressed “Eloye Mestrelle” Silver Sixpence.  Coins of exceedingly fine workmanship were produced at the start of the reign in a screw press introduced by the Frenchman, Eloye Mestrelle.  Parts of the machinery were powered by a horse-drawn mill and thus the coins became known as “Mill Money”.  Mestrelle was hanged in 1578!  Spink 2599.  Initial mark Lis and the much rarer, later date of 1567.  £395


WJC-7116:  Charles 1st Provincial Aberystwyth Mint Hammered Silver Shilling.  Initial mark Book – Aberystwyth mint, 1638/9-42.  Spink 2883. The mint at Aberystwyth had its beginnings in July 1637 when Thomas Bushell had the idea of coining at the source rather than sending the mined silver for coining to London.  He petitioned that it would stimulate the Welsh mining industry with predictions of increased output if the adits to drain water from the mines reached their capacity, and suggested it could lead to other mines in England being used for coining in a similar fashion. The Mint in London was against the idea, but King Charles asked for Bushell to visit and was persuaded by his charm to back him. The agreement was to set up a mint in Aberystwyth Castle with the Crown taking a 10% share with overall supervision from the Warden of the Mint, Sir William Parkhurst. Coins were struck at 0.925 fineness with Welsh plumes at Halfcrown, Shilling, Sixpence, Half-Groat and Penny.  Ex Arthur M Fitts III collection, ex Lepczyk collection.  Sold with an auction printout as well as a collector’s cabinet ticket.  Toned, slightly double struck.  £625



This Week’s Listings



WMH-7149:  Edward II Medieval Hammered Silver Penny.  Class 15a (circa 1319-27), Canterbury mint.  Spink 1466.  Dark tone, flat in places as usual.  Sold with an old auction entry slip.  £85


WMH-7150:  Edward II Medieval Hammered Silver Penny.  Class 11a (circa 1310-14), London mint.  Spink 1455.  Part of the famous Scottish Berscar Hoard of 2014.  Excellent provenance.  £95


WMH-7151:  Edward II Medieval Hammered Silver Penny.  Class 14 (circa 1317-19), London mint.  Spink 1460.  Part of the famous Scottish Berscar Hoard of 2014.  Excellent provenance.  £95


WMH-7152:  Edward II Medieval Hammered Silver Penny.  Class 15c (circa 1319-27), London mint.  Spink 1463.  Part of the famous Scottish Berscar Hoard of 2014.  Excellent provenance.  £95


WTH-7153:  Henry VIII Tudor Hammered Silver Halfgroat.  Second coinage, 1526-44, London mint.  Initial mark Lis, Spink 2341.  From the collection of Samuel Birchall, Leeds, 1761-1814 (there is a first rate information page on the internet if you search “collection of Samuel Birchall, Leeds, 1761-1814”.  Excellent provenance.  £255


WTH-7154:  Philip & Mary Tudor Hammered Silver Groat.  1554-58, initial mark Lis, Spink 2508.  Sold with an old cabinet ticket as well as an auction entry slip.  Graded near VF on a toned, crimped flan.  £375


WTH-7155:  1602 Elizabeth 1st High Grade Tudor Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Seventh coinage, final date in the series.  Initial mark 2, Spink 2585.  Original image here – it didn’t turn out too well.  1602 as a date represents a frequency of 1.9% for the 2,716 recorded single finds of Elizabeth 1st coins and 2.1% for all 5,588 recorded Elizabeth 1st hoard coins.  £449


WJC-7156:  Charles 1st High Grade Hammered Silver Sixpence. Group E, Aberystwyth bust, initial mark Anchor (1638-9), Spink 2814.  Ex Fitts collection.  Sold with an auction information slip together with a collector’s cabinet ticket.  Toned with some blue iridescence, struck on a broad, round flan.  £235