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WTH-6445:  1595 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Sixth issue, initial mark Woolpack. Spink 2578b.   One of the rarest dates in the series, forming just 1% of all recorded single and hoard finds.  £165


WTH-6446:  1572 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Three Halfpence.  Initial mark Ermine.  Spink 2569.  A really nice coin.  £175


WAu-6447:  James VI Scottish Hammered Gold Unit or Sceptre Piece.  Tenth coinage just after James VI  of Scotland becoming James 1st of England.  1609-25.  Graffiti on the obverse which, if desired, can be easily removed without a trace by any half-decent jeweller.  Personally I never go down that route, even to the extent of cleaning.  Spink 5464.  A very desirable hammered gold coin from Scotland.  £2,495


WSax-6442:  Coenwulf Middle Saxon Kings of Mercia Hammered Silver Penny.  Portrait penny, Canterbury with DVDA as the moneyer.  Group II, Spink 915.  BMC 26, circa 815-23.  Excellent grade with small edge chips at 7 o’clock.  Ex Mack, Lockett and Spink.  See tickets here.  In 1975 this coin was sold as part of the Mack collection by Glendinnings (see here).  The estimate was £900 - £1,000 (£5,032.46 in today’s money – accurate as of Sept 2017).  Rare and with excellent pedigree.  £2,495


WSax-6443:  Edward the Elder Middle Saxon Kings of Wessex Hammered Silver Penny.  Moneyer EADMVND, last Small Cross type, Spink 1087.  Excellent grade - the small peck marks indicate a Viking influence.  Rare.  £695


WMH-6444:  Edward IV Hammered Silver Penny.  First reign, light coinage, circa 1464-70.  Spink 2053.  Durham mint with local dies.  Excellent grade for issue.  £95


WMH-6441:  Edward III Medieval Hammered Gold Noble.  Fourth coinage, 1351-77, series G, im cross 4, Spink 1490.  Comes with an old ticket stating: "MALLARD, LOCAL AUCTION 1970's.  SERIES G".  Unclipped, uncreased, unrepaired, full weight (7.68g) - a very nice coin indeed.  £2,895


WMH-6438:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny – High Grade Hoard Coin.  London mint, lovely grade – There are thousands of Edward 1st pennies available but certainly not as good as this.  Ex Middridge Hoard.  £115


WCom-6439:  1651 Commonwealth Hammered Silver Shilling.  A straight 51 obverse and reverse but no stop before THE making this the rare E.S.C 984.  £725


WCom-6440:  1652 over 1 Commonwealth Hammered Silver Shilling.  A 1651 obverse with a 1651 altered date (51 to 52) reverse.  Also no stop after GOD making this an unlisted and unrecorded variety (see  £785


WMH-6433:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  VILL SCIE DMV NDI – Bury St Edmonds mint, Spink 1418.  £48


WMH-6434:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  VIVI TAS CES TRIE – Chester mint, class 9b.  Chester is the rarest of all the Edward 1st provincial mints.  The few coins you do see from Chester are nearly always worn.  This is a very good example.  £185


WMH-6435:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  VILL KYN CES TON – Kingston Upon Hull mint, class 9b.  Spink 1426.  A very rare mint.  £145





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WSax-6448:  Cnut Late Saxon Hammered Silver Penny.  Pointed helmet type (1024-30), B.M.C. xiv.  Blundered and retrograde images – a contemporary imitation of possibly Continental origins.  We’re all aware of the later Norman practice of test cutting Henry 1st pennies, indicating that contemporary counterfeits were a serious issue at the time, but how many of us have actually seen Saxon and Norman contemporary counterfeits?  This coin would fool anyone in Saxon / Norman times (and now), assuming they were illiterate, which many people were.  A rare and interesting coin requiring much research.  Ex Spink.  £385


WAu-6449:  Henry VI Hammered GOLD Noble.  Annulet issue, London mint.  H in reverse centre, annulet in one spandrel.  6.65g.  Spink 1801, Schneider 832 var.  Slightly creased, very fine.  Ex Baldwins (sold with their printout).  £2550


WTH-6450:  1567 Elizabeth 1st MILLED Silver Sixpence.  Small bust, initial mark Lis.  Produced on Eloye Mestrelle’s screw press powered by a horse-drawn mill.  Rarer date.  £189