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WMH-6679:  Edward III Hammered Silver Groat.  York mint.  Fourth coinage, pre-Treaty period, 1351-61.  Class E, Spink 1572.  Excellent grade.  £185


WTH-6680:  1575 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Threepence.  Initial mark Eglantine.  Third and fourth issues, Spink 2566.  Very nice grade.  £119


WSC-6681:  1555 Scottish Mary Hammered Silver 11/12 Alloy Silver Hardhead or Lion.  First period before marriage.  Unusual cracks to both obverse and reverse dies indicating that these dies were very much on their last legs.  Spink 5439.  High grade; bordering on choice for issue.  £215


WJC-6677:  1605 James 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Second coinage, third bust, im Lis.  The famous year of Guy Fawke’s Gunpowder plot where he and his fellow conspirators attempted to blow up Parliament in order to kill the king – James 1st.  Spink 2657.  Very nice grade indeed, easily being the best I’ve ever had through my hands.  £195


WI-6678:  1694 William & Mary Conjoined Busts Copper Halfpenny – an unrecorded error.  A Dublin halfpence with the MA.RIA error very clearly displayed on the obverse.  Spink 6597, although this variety is completely unrecorded in Spink as well as the much more comprehensive Peck.  There is an argument which suggests that errors such as these were die sinkers’ identifying markers as nobody else at the time would notice.  We see this a great deal in the Commonwealth silver series, in the form of missing / extra pellets and although that was hammered and this is milled, Commonwealth and W&M were  only 30 odd years apart.  An important and rare variety.  £145


WMH-6673:  Stephen Hammered Silver Norman “Northern / Scottish Borders” Variant Civil War Penny.  Newcastle mint.  Local, crude dies copying the Watford BMC i types.  Sold with some old tickets, one of which states this coin sold for £1,000 in 2012.  Spink 2019 rate Newcastle standard Stephen pennies at £1,750.  It is noted that Mack had only two Newcastle irregular examples.  A very rare coin.  £1,375


WSC-6675:  Scottish James IV Hammered Billon Silver Penny.  Second coinage, 1488 - 1513.  Edinburgh mint, Spink 5362.  A really nice example with tickets suggesting that this coin is ex Huntarian Museum.  £165


WMH-6670:  Stephen Norman Kings’ STAMFORD Hammered Silver Penny.  1136-45.  B.M.C. 1 - Cross Moline (Watford) type.  (+S)IPARD.ON.STAN – Sipard of Stamford.  Spink 1278.  Good portrait.  Stamford is a common Saxon mint but a rarer Norman mint, rated at £650 (for the very commonest coin) by Spink.  Sold with a couple of old tickets.  This coin was sold in early 2015 for £400.  The market has moved on a pace since then,  £575


WI-6671:  1558 Irish Elizabeth 1st Hammered Billon Silver Groat.  Base issue of 1558 only.  Spink 6504.  Very good grade for issue – I’ve never seen a nice one.  £185


WSC-6672:  1560 Scottish Francis and Mary Lion or Hearhead.  One and a half pence face value.  Spink 5450.  Second period, 1558-60.  Dated 1560 which is by far the rarest of the three dates – 1558 (generally considered to all be forgeries), 1559 and 1560.  Crowned FM monogram with dolphins/ crowned lion rampant.  £135




This Week’s Listings:


WAu-6682:  Charles 1st Hammered Gold Crown.  Tower mint under king, initial mark Heart (Heart over Anchor on the reverse).  Group B, bust 3.  Spink 2712.  The reverse die has been changed from a 1628-9 die to a 1629-30 die by simply engraving a heart on top of the old anchor initial mark - clearly seen here.  The obverse is a true 1629-30 die.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a deeply cut initial mark, either as an altered die or even a fresh one.  Sold with a detailed sale’s cutting.  £495


WMH-6683:  Edward III Hammered Silver Penny.  York mint, rarer post Treaty (final) coinage, 1369-77.  York Episcopal issue under Archbishop Thoresby or Neville - Spink 1648.  Very nice grade.  £115


WMH-6684:  Henry VI Hammered Silver Penny.  Annulet issue, Calais mint during that brief period when the British owned that part of France.  Spink 1845.  Nice grade.  £65