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WMH-7071:  Henry II “Tealby” Hammered Silver Penny.  Class A, 1158-63.  +RIC(ARD):ON LERC – rarer Leicester mint.  Spink 1337.  A very rare mint for this issue – even Spink acknowledge that it’s one of the rarest Tealby mints (although their pricing is, as ever, debatable to say the least).  Like buses, this is now the second I’ve ever come across, both coming within a couple of months of each other.  £425


WAu-7072:  Henry VIII Hammered Gold Half Angel.  Third coinage, 1544-47, initial mark Lis, Spink 2302.  No annulet on the reverse ship.  Unlike Angels, Half Angels rarely come up for sale.  £1,450


WAu-7073:  Charles 1st  Hammered Gold Crown.  Tower mint, group A, first bust, initial mark Lis, reverse “squat” shield indicating that this issue was the very first gold crown to be struck – the obverse shows Charles still in his coronation robes – in 1625.  Spink 2709.  How different the start of Charles’ reign was compared to the end!  Nice coin.  £1,250


WCA-7074:  1688 Large Silver Medal – “The Seven Bishops Imprisoned”.  Sancroft (actually an Archbishop) wrote with his own hand the petition presented in 1688 against the reading of James II Declaration of Indulgence (granting broad religious freedom in England by suspending penal laws enforcing conformity to the Church of England and allowing people to worship in their homes or chapels as they saw fit), which was signed by himself and six of his suffragans (collectively known as the Seven Bishops). For this they (of whom Sancroft was oldest, at 71) were all committed to the Tower of London by the King.  This medal was struck under James at the end of his reign (he “vacated” the throne and headed to Ireland, latterly heading for France under the protection of Louis XIV) and, along with the birth of James's son and heir James Francis Edward (The future Scottish “Old Pretender”) who threatened to create a Roman Catholic dynasty and excluding his Anglican daughter Mary and her Protestant husband William III of Orange from the thrown, was entirely responsible for premature departure of the monarch.  This was a monumental event in 1688, impacting the wider population of the country in all quarters.  In case you were worried about the Bishops, they were released from The Tower.  However, Archbishop Sancroft appears to have not coveted an easy life because just two years later, the Archbishop was deprived of his office in 1690 for refusing to swear allegiance to William and Mary.  The ironic thing in all this is that Archbishop Sancroft was the official at the King’s coronation – he effectively made him king!!  History lesson over!  This one is different to the one above in that the edge is milled.  £195


WSC-7075:  Scottish 1699 William II Silver 5 Shillings.  The English (ie Norman) William I and William II were not the same person as the Scottish William I, but Scottish William II and English William III were indeed the same person!!  Spink 5688.  This is the rarest date in the series, bar the two you never see.  Above average grade for issue, the reverse particularly so.  A very good coin and a key date.  £345



This Week’s Listings



WSax-7076:  Aethelred II Late Saxon Hammered Silver Penny.  B.M.C. i, Last Small Cross type, 1109-1017.  +SAEPINE ON SCEFTE – Shaftsbury mint.  Spink 1154.  £495


WMH-7077:  William II “Rufus” Norman Hammered Silver Penny.  B.M.C. ii, Cross in Quatrefoil type, 1089-92.  +ÐVRSTAN ON LIN (Ð is TH; IN of LIN ligated) – Lincoln mint.  Spink 1259.  William Rufus literally translated from Latin to William The Red, perhaps an indication of the colour of his hair?  A study of all William II coins recorded with the EMC and SCBI reveals that only 36% are B.M.C. ii.  Rare coin.  £2,495


WTH-7078:  Henry VII “Profile Right” Issue Hammered Silver Groat.  Regular issue, Spink 2258.  Initial mark Pheon.  London mint.  A very attractive coin.  £485


WTH-7079:  Henry VII Facing Bust Issue Hammered Silver Groat.  Rarer class 1 with open crown and initial mark Half Lis & Rose.  London mint, Spink 2193.  Pedigree coin (see old tickets), being ex Carlylon-Britton collection (he looks to have paid £6 for this coin in 1965) and at least one other.  £485


WTH-7080:  Henry VIII Profile Right Issue Hammered Silver Groat.  First coinage, initial mark Portcullis, 1509-26.  Portrait of Henry VII, Spink 2316 being the first ever groat struck under Henry VIII.  Ex Spink.  £465


WTH-7081:  Henry VIII Profile Right Issue Hammered Silver Halfgroat.  Second coinage, initial mark the enigmatic “Uncertain Mark”, 1526-32.  Struck under Archbishop Wareham at Canterbury (WA by shield).  Spink 2343.  £185


WTH-7082:  Henry VIII Profile Right Issue Hammered Silver Halfgroat.  A most interesting contemporary counterfeit based on the second coinage of Henry VIII. Fabricated legends, a weight of 1.10g and a die rotation of 12h.  You see many Charles 1st contemporary counterfeits but I’m fairly sure this (and the accompanying groat from the same collection, which will be listed on this site sometime soon) is the first I’ve ever seen.  Ex Eccles, ex Spink.  £395


WJC-7083:  James 1st Hammered Silver Stuart Penny.  Second coinage, 1604-19.  No crowns either side, initial mark Escallop (1606-7), Spink 2661.  £75


WJC-7084:  James 1st Hammered Silver “Portrait” Stuart Halfgroat.  Rarer first bust, first coinage, 1603-4.  Initial mark Thistle, mark of value behind King’s head.  Spink 2649.  £135


WSC-7085:  James V Scottish Hammered Silver Bawbee.  Billon (25% fineness) issue of 1538-42.  Spink 5384.   £185


WSC-7086:  Robert II Scottish Hammered Silver Groat.  Circa 1371-90, Edinburgh mint, Spink 5131.  Interesting fact: Robert II’s grandfather was Robert the Bruce.  £265


WSC-7087:  Charles 1st Scottish Hammered Silver Forty Pence.  Third coinage, Briot’s 1st milled issue, Spink 5576.  Much harder to come by that the twenty pence pieces.  £165