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WAu-6529:  Edward IV Medieval Hammered Gold Angel.  Second reign, initial mark Cinquefoil (1480-83) so very late in the reign.  5.00 grams.  There is dirt in the reverse bowsprit area – see camera phone image here.  Spink 2091 – London.  Sold with old auction tickets.  £1,995


WCA-6531:  Charles II Silver Twopence – Undated Variety.  Circa 1662-67, Spink 3387.  An interesting die crack on this toned coin.  £75


WCA-6532:  1689 William & Mary Silver Halfgroat.  Spink 3443.  Conjoined busts.  Nice grade.  £85


WCA-6533:  1690 William & Mary Silver Penny.  Spink 3445.  Conjoined busts.  William & Mary pennies, even if you take the 1689 penny out of the equation, are a hard denomination to source.  £109


WAu-6526:  Henry VI Hammered Gold Half Noble.  Annulet issue, Spink 1805.  London mint.  Nice grade and clearly a field find so ragged edges.  Priced at over £2,200 in Spink 2018.  Yours on this site for well under half that.  £945


WMH-6523:  Henry 1st Hammered Silver Norman Penny.  B.M.C. X, facing bust / cross fleury type, 1117 only.  Mint and moneyer:  ALGAR of Southwark.  Rarer mint, rarer type.  £585


WTH-6524:  1599 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Sixth issue, initial mark Anchor. Spink 2578b.   A very rare date.  1599 as a date represents a frequency of 0.2% for the 2,716 recorded single finds of Elizabeth 1st coins and 0.1% for all 5,588 recorded Elizabeth 1st hoard coins.  1599 is the joint second rarest date (along with 1598) in the entire Sixpence series.   £289


WAu-6522:  Edward IV Hammered Gold Full Ryal or Rose-Noble.  An impressive hammered gold coin on a generous flan, weighing in at 7.49 grams.  The grade is a pleasing VF.  In certain light and looking through a lens – so not easy to spot – there are reverse areas of discolouration around the outer edge at 1, 3 and 10 o’clock indicating a possible ex mount.  I’ve tentatively attributed this to Spink 1952 but if it wasn’t for the generous flan and one or two other minor indicators (eg the flag), I’d be going with Spink 1950 as this coin has more in common with Spink 1950 than it does with Spink 1952.  The bowsprit dissecting EDWARD between the E and the D is highly unusual, as is the initial mark sun and crown mule – both indicators of Spink 1950.  However, when in doubt, even if it’s a slight doubt, always err on the commoner coin, which I reluctantly have.  Nevertheless, an interesting coin.  £2,450WAu-6521:  Henry VI Hammered Gold Full Noble.  Annulet issue, Spink 1801.  See old ticket here.  Flemish issue but unlike the Rose Ryals, this is full size, full weight bar some slight clipping (see reverse, 5 o’clock).  Graded VF with some weakness of strike.  £2,650


WAu-6521:  Henry VI Hammered Gold Full Noble.  Annulet issue, Spink 1801.  See old ticket here.  Flemish issue but unlike the Rose Ryals, this is full size, full weight bar some slight clipping (see reverse, 5 o’clock).  Graded VF with some weakness of strike.  £2,650


WSax-6520:  Harold II Hammered Silver Saxon Penny.  Very late Saxon – PAX and Sceptre type, 1066 only.  B.M.C. I.  Spink 1186.  GODRIC on THEOTI (East Anglia) mint.  Excellent legends with no cracks, chips, repairs or any other issues.  £3,275


WAu-6514:  1594 James VI Scottish Hammered Gold Rider.  Seventh issue, value 100 shillings.  Spink 5458.  The March 2018 Spink sale saw an identical date and similar grade coin achieve £4,750 after costs.  An iconic problem-free Scottish hammered gold coin from the late 1500’s.  £3,450


WMH-6513:  William 1st Hammered Norman Penny.  York mint: +ALIÐOLF.ON.EO (Althurolf of York), Bonnet type (B.M.C. 2), 1068-70.  Spink 1251.  From the collection of Dr John Sharpe, former Archbishop of York, 1691-1714.  £975




This Week’s Listings:


WAu-6534:  Edward III Hammered Gold Full Noble.  Transitional Treaty Period issue, circa 1361 only, Spink 1499.  No crack, chips or any other issues other than a slightly rough edge.  Very nice grade – easily VF detail – being a rarer, single issue type and listed at £4,000 in Spink 2018.  Very few nobles from this Transitional Treaty Period enter the market place (London coins have only ever sold a single example).  Detailed old ticket images here.  North list this as Rare and they seldom go above scarce for nobles.  £3,150


WMH-6535: Edward 2nd Hammered Silver “Sterling” Penny.  Gaucher of Chatillon, 1313-22.  An Yves continental imitation silver penny that circulated freely during the time of Edward II and beyond, ultimately finding its way into the famous Aberdeed Hoard of 12,236 pennies which was found in May of 1886.  To illustrate how rare these Sterling issues are, this exact coin was one of only eighty four Sterlings in the hoard of 12,236 coins.  Old tickets here.  Ex J.R. Stewart, ex Baldwins.  £125


WMH-6536:  Edward 1st Medieval Hammered Silver Penny.  CIVI TAS EXO NIE - Exeter mint, class 9b, old collection piece – sold with old tickets.  To put into context how rare the Exeter mint pennies are, the 1886 Aberdeen Hoard of Edward 1st pennies contained 12,236 coins.  5,288 were London, 846 were Durham, only 2 were Exeter.  Spink 1425.  £155


WTH-6537:  Henry VIII Hammered Silver Half “Portcullis” Farthing.  A second issue coin (1526-44) that Coincraft states: “All Henry VIII farthings are extremely rare and collectors will have great difficulty in obtaining an example.”  HistoryInCoins has just removed that difficulty but beware – once this coin is sold, the difficulty returns!  RVTILANS ROSA means Dazzling Rose.  Spink 2362 (£325 in F, £750 VF in 2018 edition).  Please note, this is a tiny coin (I believe the smallest English hammered coin?) thus magnification on the image is extreme.  As such, the coin will look worse than it is in the hand – you only have to look at all the blemishes on the US 1c to the right of the image to see that.  Sold with an old printed information slip.  A very rare coin indeed.  £435