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WJC-6774:  1622 James 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Sixth (and final) bust, im Thistle.  Spink 2670.  Better late date, very nice grade.  One of the rarest dates in the series (only 15, 11, 18, 16 and 14 are rarer and some of those may not even exist) and in remarkably good grade for issue.  A significant coin.  £265


WCA-6775:  Charles II Silver Penny – Undated Variety.  Circa 1662-67, Spink 3389.  A lovely grade, toned coin.  £95


WSC-6776:  Robert II Scottish Hammered Silver Penny.  1371-90, Edinburgh mint, second issue, 1357-67.  Spink 5131.  £255


WI-6777:  Irish King John Hammered Silver Penny.  +ROBERD.ON.DIVE, Spink 6228.  High grade – the best I’ve ever had.  £195


WMH-6770:  Henry VI Hammered Silver Groat.  Rosette-Mascle issue, (1431 – 1431), Calais mint.  Spink 1859.  Rosettes and mascles in both obverse and reverse legends.  Full flan, nice grade and toned.  £165


WMH-6771:  Henry VI Hammered Silver Groat.  Pinecone-Mascle issue, (1431 – 1432/3), London mint.  Spink 1874.  Early dies - pinecones with no stalks and mascles in both obverse and reverse legends.  Ex Hulett collection, ex Colin de Boffigane (1984) collection with old tickets.  Very nice grade with the king’s head being askew.  £195


WTH-6772:  1551-53 Edward VI Hammered Fine Silver Issue Sixpence.  Initial mark Tun, London (Tower) mint.  Spink 2483.  You see many more fine silver shillings compared to the sixpences.  £325


WSC-6773:  David II Medieval Scottish Hammered Silver Groat.  Third (Light) coinage, 1367-71  VILLA EDINBVRGH.  Spink 5125 – star on the base of the sceptre coupled with trefoils within the tressure.  £275


WSax-6767:  Aethelred II Hammered Silver Saxon Penny.  B.M.C. IVa.  Late Saxon, 997 - 1003 AD.  Long cross type.  Norwich mint town.  Spink 1151.  Moneyer AELFRIC.  Nice grade.  £325




This Week’s Listings



WTH-6778:  1561 Elizabeth I Hammered Silver Three Farthings.  A very rare date for this denomination, being the first ever used for a three farthings.  Spink 2571.  Much above average grade.  £239


WMH-6679:  Very Rare Early Class 1b Henry III Voided Long Cross Medieval Penny.  London mint.  No moneyers on these first issue pennies, just the unusual reverse legend: “LIE TER CI` LVN”.  Spink 1359.  Sold with an old sales’ slip.  A very rare coin being the first I’ve ever had, full or cut.  £195


WSC-6780:  James V Hammered Silver Third Groat.  Second coinage, 1526 – 1539, Edinburgh mint.  Old Spink ticket, old Rasmusson ticket, very old unidentified ticket.  The obverse legends reads “IACOBVS:5:DEI:GRA:R:SOTORIA” as opposed to the normal “SCOTO(RO)”.  A definite error noted on the old Spink ticket.  Any redactions are ONLY in the image.  Rare with provenance.  £495