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WI-6484:  1689 Irish Gun Money Halfcrown - February.  Struck during the Civil War, the idea being to redeem these Gun Money pieces for actual currency once the dust had settled.  £115


WI-6485:  1691 Irish Limerick Besieged Halfpenny.  Single year issue.  Struck over a large Gun Money shilling whilst James was besieged at Limerick.  Sold with a very old ticket.  This one with much host coin detail visible.  £155


WSC-6486:  James V Hammered Billon Silver Plack.  First coinage, 1513-36.  Sold with an old ticket.  Spink 5381.  £135


WJC-6482:  Charles 1st Hammered Silver Late Civil War Half Crown.  Tower mint under Parliament, i.m. sun, 1645-46.  Group III (3a3).  Spink 2778.  Toned and about as struck.  £185


WCom-6483:  1651 Commonwealth Hammered Silver Sixpence – Rarer Variety.  Full of flan with a very clear date.  No stops after COMMONWEALTH indicating this is an earlier, 1650 obverse.  Spink 3219 var.  Ex Spink (see here).  The 1650 obverse was problematic so effort was put into the 51 obverse in terms of improvements.  This is a rare die combination.  £595


WMH-6481:  Empress Matilda (Rightful Norman Heir of Henry 1st) Cardiff Hammered Silver Penny.  Cross patonce over cross fleuree in saltire.  Struck 1139-48.  Cardiff mint – moneyer Beorhtmaer.  Ex Coed-y-Wenallt Hoard (June 1980), ex Spink (1982), ex Baldwin’s (1998), ex Coincraft 2010.  [MA]TILLI[S: IMPER:] and [BRIC]MER[:ON:CAIER]D[I].  This exact coin is illustrated in Boon (Coed-y-Wenallt 42).  100% unambiguously Matilda.  The Coed-y-Wenallt Hoard was small but it trebled the number of extant Matilda coins overnight.  The coins in this particular hoard were struck from silver that was brittle and as a result, most coins were found damaged similar to this one.  Cardiff Museum repaired (and obviously recorded) this and all the coins but they did so as a museum should – by making the repair as obvious as they possibly could.  There are skilled repairers of coins in business these days who could take this coin and make it so much better.  Needless to say they wouldn’t be using cheap PVA glue!  The Coincraft ticket is imaged here.  The coin also comes with a detailed printout.  To illustrate the desirability and price of Matilda coins, just last year an example of Spink 1326 sold for £8,000 which was presumably close to £10,000 after commissions.  Details of that coin can be seen here.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own one of the most iconic and significant Norman coins of the Civil War period.  £2,850


WMH-6476:  William 1st Hammered Norman Penny.  Wallingford (Oxford) mint: +SPARTBRAND.ON.P, Sword type (B.M.C. 6, circa 1077-80).  Spink 1255.  There are x89 William 1st Wallingford coins listed on the EMC & SCBI database with only three being BMC 6 and non of those Swartbrand.  This is a hugely rare type-mint combination being unrecorded on EMC & SCBI.  £1,295


WSC-6479:  Robert “The Bruce” 1st Medieval Scottish Hammered Silver Penny.  Bust of Robert Bruce left, reverse four mullets of five points each.  Coinage was only struck very late in this reign.  Spink 5076.  Once of the rarest, most iconic Scottish coins you can get and also very rare.  This one much better than normally seen (although ‘normally’ is the wrong word when you bear in mind I’ve only seen three of four ever) and equally on a par with one that was doing the rounds at the UK coin fairs which had an asking price of over £2,000 and recently sold.  This coin accompanied by an old auction printout.  £1,250




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WCA-6487:  Charles II Hammered Silver Restoration Sixpence.  Third issue, initial mark crown.  Spink 3323.  This is immediately prior to the introduction of the new milled coinage of 1662.  The third issue is notoriously poor, presumably because the writing was on the wall for hammered coinage therefore little effort went into both the dies and the end product.  This coin is exceptional for the issue.  £595


WMH-6488:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  BERWICK UPON TWEED (Scottish) mint.  Blunt type 4 and one of the best examples of this crude local dies issue you’ll see.  £85


WJC-6489:  1606 James 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Second coinage,  third bust, im escallop.  Better date, very nice grade.  £145


WJC-6490:  James 1st Hammered Silver Halfpenny.  Third coinage with no initial mark.  Spink 2673.  Very nice grade.  £69


WSC-6491:  Scottish James VI Hammered Billon Silver Eight Penny Groat.  Struck before James’ accession to the English throne.  Spink 5513.  Very good grade indeed for issue and the rarer type.  £149