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WMH-6433:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  VILL SCIE DMV NDI – Bury St Edmonds mint, Spink 1418.  £48


WMH-6434:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  VIVI TAS CES TRIE – Chester mint, class 9b.  Chester is the rarest of all the Edward 1st provincial mints.  The few coins you do see from Chester are nearly always worn.  This is a very good example.  £185


WMH-6435:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  VILL KYN CES TON – Kingston Upon Hull mint, class 9b.  Spink 1426.  A very rare mint.  £145


WSC-6436:  William 1st “The Lion” Medieval Scottish Penny.  Phase B type:  1205 – 1230.  Voided short cross.  Rare variation of William 1st type B: Obverse: +(hVE)WALRO, reverse: hVEW(ALR)O.  Three stars of six points, one of five.  Completely unrecorded in the Scottish Sylloge.  There is a single example with the same legend both sides but that has 4 stars of 5 points (#74A).  Spink 5029 variation.  Crude (stylised), very nice grade.  £295


WSC-6437:  1687 Scottish James VII Silver 10 Shillings.  A two year issue from a very short reign.  Spink 5641.  Rare in this grade – similar to the Spink plate coin.  £550


WSC-6431:  1749 Scottish Jacobite Medal – Highlander.  Struck to legitimise the succession of the Young Pretender: Prince Charles Edward Stuart or Bonnie Prince Charlie.  The issue was limited in quantity and was far from quality in terms of the dies and manufacture; this piece being very good grade and easily the best of the three examples I have seen in the last 20 odd years.  £425


WMH-6432:  Richard III Hammered Silver Groat.  Initial mark Sun & Rose 1, Spink 2154.  Slight crack at 5 o’clock on the obverse (corresponding area on the reverse, which is hard to see, is between the TA of TAS) and minor creasing.  Richard III was the very last of the English medieval monarchs, enduring a very short reign culminating with a sticky ending on the battlefield against Henry VII’s Tudors.  His remains were recently discovered under a car park in Leicester.  A very cheap example – nearly all Richard III groats are over two thousand pounds these days.  £1550


WJC-6430:  1626 Charles 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Tower mint under king, im cross calvary.  Group B class 1a1.  Ex Seaby (1963) and sold with an old ticket.  Spink 2807.  £365


WMH-6427:  Edward I Medieval Silver GROAT.  Struck very early on during the New Coinage which commenced 1279.  Bust with larger oval face with bushy hair, thick curved drapery with rosette in centre, quatrefoil in three lines surrounding bust, flowers in spandrels, obv. triple pellet stops, mm. cross pattée, rev. with pellet barred N and colon stops :DNS HIBN' EDVX AQVT', 4.99g, (S.1379E, N.1006, Fox 4). Never gilt or mounted , slight edge chip and only about fair but very rare.  Ruding says that during the reign of Edward I, William de Turnmire, of Marseilles was appointed to the office of Master of the Mint in England, under an agreement dated Thursday the Feast of the Conception of the Blessed Mary, in the eighth year of Edward's reign (i.e. 8 December 1279). Amongst other things it was agreed that Master William should make great Sterling ('grossus sterlingus') to the value of four lesser sterling.  This new denomination proved unpopular with an almost complete recall sometime after the date of the class 3g coinage.  Ex Beauchamp Coins, ex AMR, ex Yorkshire collection.  Sold with these tickets.  An excessively rare coin (Jon Mann, the acclaimed numismatic researcher, ex of Spink, stated on his ticket that there were only 59 recorded groats for Edward 1st by Dr Martin Allen) with the bulk being either gilt or mounted or both.  This coin is neither…and neither does it come with the usual £10,000 price tag!  £2,850


WAu-6428:  Edward IV Hammered Gold Rose Ryal.  Light coinage, 1464 -1470.  Spink 1952 – Flemish type.  A very large flan with a generous weight of gold.  £2,375


WSax-6425:  Aethelred II Hammered Silver Saxon Penny – Rarer Mint.  B.M.C. iiia.  Late Saxon, 991 - 997AD.  Crux type.  Totnes mint town.  Moneyer AELFSTAN.  Spink 1148.  Ex Bonham’s auction 2006.  Rarer mint.  £425


WI-6426:  Irish Edward VI, struck under Henry VIII, Dublin Hammered Sixpence.  Struck under Edward VI, 1547-50.  Type IV, Dublin mint.  Not far off being ‘as struck’.  Spink 6488.  £425


WCom-6423:  1656 Commonwealth Hammered Silver Shilling.  Clear date, decent grade and the rarer variety with no stops at the initial mark (sun).  E.S.C 995b where it’s listed as Rare.  £395






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WMH-6438:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny – High Grade Hoard Coin.  London mint, lovely grade – There are thousands of Edward 1st pennies available but certainly not as good as this.  Ex Middridge Hoard.  £115


WCom-6439:  1651 Commonwealth Hammered Silver Shilling.  A straight 51 obverse and reverse but no stop before THE making this the rare E.S.C 984.  £725


WCom-6440:  1652 over 1 Commonwealth Hammered Silver Shilling.  A 1651 obverse with a 1651 altered date (51 to 52) reverse.  Also no stop after GOD making this an unlisted and unrecorded variety (see  £785