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WTH-6564:  Edward VI Hammered Silver Penny.  The base issue of 1551.  York.  Spink 2475.  Excellent silver for this very base issue.  Rare in this grade.  £135


WSC-6565:  Scottish Charles 1st High Grade Copper Turner.  Earl of Stirling coinage, 1632-39.  Spink 5601.  The rarer type 4a with im Saltire both sides.  Probably a contemporary counterfeit although Spink suggest these are mainly im Lis and Lion.  Choice.  £98


WMH-6566:  Henry 1st Hammered Silver Norman Penny.  B.M.C. XI, double inscription type, 1119 only.  Mint and moneyer:  PVLFGAR of London.  Spink 1272 and one of the rarest of all the Henry 1st types.  Official test cut at 11 o’clock (obv) which is entirely as expected.  Full flan and weight of 1.37 grams / 21.1 grains.  Weakly struck on the face – extra image here.  No examples recorded on the EMC or SCBI databases.  A very rare coin.  £1,275


WCA-6559:  1692 William & Mary Tin Halfpenny.  A high grade 1692 tin halfpenny with the date as clear as you like in the exergue – Spink 3449.   Ex 1970’s Thames Ferryman Hoard.  These tin coins had an alarming rate of wear from circulation. The Ferryman’s hoard of W&M tin coins from the River Thames in the 1970’s was made up of 1690 through to 1692 tin coins. There were no copper 1694 coins leading to the conclusion that the purse was dropped into the Thames 1693 or earlier. Of the many coins, the 1690’s were all very worn, the 1691’s quite worn and the 1692’s being at least somewhat worn. The 1690’s coins could only have been in circulation for three years or so but they were all very worn. Even the coins that had been in circulation for only up to a year or so were worn. This illustrates just how hard it is to find high grade tin coinage. As well as wear, the tin coinage corrodes in air and the soil (tin was far too reactive a metal to be used for coinage) so high grade examples, invariably out of the Thames, are at a premium.  £700 VF, £2,750 EF (2018).  This coin is extremely solid & stable, with an excellent edge, and looks better in the hand than these indifferent images suggest.  £485


WI-6561:  Irish Edward IV Hammered Silver Penny.   Light cross & pellets issue of 1472-8, Spink 6380A, Burns --.  Rerverse: VIL (LA DE)T RIM.  Trim mint.  0.57 grams.  One of only 3 known recorded examples (as stated on the printout accompanying this coin, although I would question the validity of that figure) and judging from all the Trim coins illustrated in Burns' book, the best of all three.  An important coin in choice grade for this Irish issue.  In Burns' 2009 book, he lists this coin as T-2 (note the distinctive right side of hair etc).  In the 2017, 5th edition, this coin is not represented in any of the x5 Trim categories, presumably because (as stated by the author on page 84 of the 5th edition) ‘two of the seven types have now been re-attributed to Drogheda mint.’  A very important coin.  £489


WI-6562:  Irish Edward 1st Medieval Hammered Silver Penny.  Intermediate issue of 1294-96 only (pellets in each angle of triangle), the excessively rare CORK mint - CIVI TAS CORC ACIE.  Spink 6259.  A well known US dealer who specialises in Irish coinage has one in similar grade for $4,250 (£3,162).  Such a rare coin and in lovely grade.  Choice.  £1,795


WMH-6554:  Richard III Hammered Silver Groat.  Initial mark Sun & Rose 1, Spink 2154.  Sold with old tickets.  Richard III was the very last of the English medieval monarchs, enduring a very short reign culminating with a sticky ending on the battlefield against Henry VII’s Tudors.  His remains were recently discovered under a car park in Leicester.  A very cheap example – nearly all Richard III groats are over two thousand pounds these days.  £1,750


WTH-6555:  1580 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Initial mark Latin Cross, fifth issue.  Very nice grade.  Spink 2572.  1580 as a date represents a frequency of 3.7% for the 2,716 recorded single finds of Elizabeth 1st coins and 4.1% for all 5,588 recorded Elizabeth 1st hoard coins.  As a mintmark / date combination, this is a rare coin, being only minted up to 17th May 1580.  £135


WTH-6556:  1595 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Rare date.  Initial mark Woolpack, sixth issue, very nice grade.  Spink 2578B.  1595 as a date represents a frequency of 1.0% for the 2,716 recorded single finds of Elizabeth 1st coins and 1.1% for all 5,588 recorded Elizabeth 1st hoard coins.  1595 is the thirteenth rarest of all forty two dates.  £185


WTH-6557:  1596 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Rare date.  Initial mark Key, sixth issue, very nice grade.  Spink 2578B.  1596 as a date represents a frequency of 0.7% for the 2,716 recorded single finds of Elizabeth 1st coins and 1.0% for all 5,588 recorded Elizabeth 1st hoard coins.  1596 is the eleventh rarest of all forty two dates.  £185


WSC-6558:  Scottish James 1st Hammered Silver Sixpenny Groat.  1406-37.  Edinburgh mint.  At the time of Richard III’s death, his son, James, was a prisoner of the English.  From 1406-24, Scotland was under a Regency under Robert, Duke of Albany and the n, in 1420, under the Duke’s son, Murdoch.  James returned to Scotland in 1424 where he became James 1st.  Silver coinage from this reign is all indifferent at best and this coin is no exception.  Still a rare coin though.  Spink 5195.  Sold with a detailed printed slip.  £455


WMH-6552:  Stephen Norman Kings’ WORCESTER Hammered Silver Penny.  1136-45.  B.M.C. 1 - Cross Moline (Watford) type.  (+P)VLFRIC.ON.PIRE(C) - Wulfric of Worcester.  Spink 1278.  Excellent portrait with more legends than normally seen.  Worcester is a rare mint, rated at £900 by Spink.  You see London mint coins in this grade achieving £1000+ these days.  This is high grade AND Worcester!  £1,195


WTH-6553: 1592-95 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Shilling.  Sixth issue, initial mark Tun, bust 6B.  Spink 2577.  Very nice grade.  £255


WJC-6550:  1644 Charles 1st “Declaration” Shilling.  Oxford provincial mint date in script.  Spink 2975A.  A nice grade, seldom seen denomination in this Declaration issue.  £795




This Week’s Listings:



WMH-6567:  Edward 1st Medieval Hammered Silver Penny.  London mint, class 9b2, old collection piece and reported as ex Aberdeen Hoard (1886) – note, this was not part of the recent collection that came via Baldwins.  Spink 1408.  High Grade and ex gilt.  £95


WTH-6568:  Philip and Mary Hammered Billon Silver Penny.  Initial mark halved sun & rose.  Very clear legends and above average for this generally poor issue.  Spink 2510A.  Reported to have been circulated as a halfpenny.  £155


WTH-6569:  1562 over 1561 Elizabeth 1st Hammered Silver Three Halfpence.  Initial mark pheon.  Spink 2569.  Nice grade and with the added bonus of the very clear overdate.  £165


WCA-6570:  1673 Charles II Copper Halfpenny in High Grade.  Spink 3394.  Up to 100 times rarer than the farthings and in this high grade, very rare indeed.  £285