`Saxon Coins

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Early Anglo-Saxon Silver Sceats




Kings of Northumbria Saxon Coins




Middle Saxon "Hammered Silver" Issues


King Offa (757 – 796):  Read about King Offa


WSax-7451:  Middle Saxon OFFA PORTRAIT Hammered Silver Penny.  Light coinage, c.757-96, London mint, moneyer Ciolhard, Spink 905.  This Spink reference encompasses many different reverses, this one being termed a Serpent reverse – North 317.  Slightly porous with a large die flaw on the obverse, chipped edge.  Larger flan (17mm), VF grade and very rare.  £2,995




Ceolnoth (833-870):


WSax-7562:  Ceolnoth Middle Saxon Hammered Silver Portrait Penny – Top Pop!!!!!  Archbishops of Canterbury, group 1, Spink 893.  Facing bust of Ceolnoth complete with tonsure.  Moneyer is Wunhere which if you look on the database, is the rarer of the two moneyers (the other is Biornmod).  Ex William Oldknow collection.  Once slabbed but since liberated.  The NGC database has this coin as AU53 grade (about uncirculated) and Top Pop (https://www.ngccoin.uk/certlookup/4930811-030/53/), meaning this is the very best grade example on their database, bar none.  Indeed, if you look at the SCBI examples, nearly all are rough.  A die error on the obverse which is not any kind of crack on the actual coin.  It’s actually not apparent when holding the coin in the hand.  An important coin.  £4,295 RESERVED (F.L.10-10-22 Lay-Away)




Late Saxon "Hammered Silver" Issues


Aethelred II (978-1016): Read about Aethelred II


WSax-7452:  Aethelred II Late Saxon Hammered Silver Penny.  B.M.C. IIIa, Crux type, c.991-97.  Spink 1148.  +LEOFSTAN MO HAM – Rarer Northampton mint.  Of the x64 Northampton mint Aethelred II coins (all types) recorded on the EMC database, only x6 are Crux and only one Crux penny is Leofstan.  A rarer mint for type and a very rare moneyer.  £645


WSax-7453:  Aethelred II Late Saxon Hammered Silver Penny.  B.M.C. IIIa, Crux type, c.991-97.  Spink 1148.  +AELFPINE M-O PELIG – Rarer Wallingford mint.  Of the x77 Northampton mint Aethelred II coins (all types) recorded on the EMC database, only x38 are Crux and only x4 Crux pennies are Aelfwig.  Old collection toning, wavy flan.  Ex Richard Basler collection.  A rarer mint and a very rare moneyer for type.  £645


WSax-6425:  Aethelred II Hammered Silver Saxon Penny – Rarer Mint.  B.M.C. IIIa.  Late Saxon, 991 - 997AD.  Crux type.  Totnes mint town.  Moneyer AELFSTAN.  Spink 1148.  Ex Bonham’s auction 2006.  Rarer mint.  £475


WSax-7304:  Aethelred II Late Saxon **Rare Mint** Hammered Silver Penny.  CRVX type – B.M.C. IIIc, circa 991-997.  +LEOFRIC MO LIMNLympne mint.  Old tickets here.  Spink 1148.  One of the rarer of the Saxon mint – I’ve never had another through my hands.  Lympne was a village three miles west of Hythe in Kent.  Interestingly, the Danes landed in Hythe in AD 893.  This coin spectacularly toned with attractive iridescence.  Some surface stress fractures.  Ex Trennery collection.  Very rare.  £1,550 RESERVED (T.C. 9-2-22 on LayAway)




Cnut (1016-1035): Read about Cnut.


WSax-6334:  Cnut Late Saxon Hammered Silver Penny.  B.M.C. XVI - Short cross type (1029-35/6), “+BLACAMAN O SNO”.  Spink 1159.  Nottingham mint.  An extremely rare mint coin.  Ex Cnut hoard of 1993, ex Sharp collection, ex Baldwins, ex Spink, ex Lord Stewartby collection.  Sold with three tickets (two shown here).  A very rare coin.  £1,995




Harold I (1035-1040): Read about Harold I




Harthacnut (1040-1042)




Edward the Confessor (1042-1066): Read about Edward The Confessor.


WSax-6969:  Edward The Confessor Saxon Hammered Silver Penny.  Late Saxon – small flan type (1048-50).  B.M.C. II.  Sandwich mint - LIFPINE.  Very rare mint town.  The obverse mark by the king’s face is a difference in height of the silver and the reverse stress mark is surface only.  This was clearly not a good blank that they used.  £635


WSax-5502:  Edward The Confessor Saxon Hammered Silver Penny.  Late Saxon – pyramids type (1065-66).  B.M.C. XV.  Stafford - GODSPINE.  Extra image added here.  Very rare mint town.  £1,095




Harold II (1066 only):  Read about Harold II ("Last of the Saxons")


WSax-7286:  Harold II Godwinesson Late Saxon Hammered Silver Penny.  PAX issue, B.M.C. 1, 5th January 1066 – 14th October 1066 only.  +ERNCETEL ON EOF – York mint.  Of the x33 York mint Harold Godwinesson pennies recorded on the EMC / SCBI database, there is only one for Erncetel (Arnketill), making only two recorded examples extant.  A very rare moneyer.  1.45 grams so a very healthy weight for issue.  Ex Elmore Jones collection so excellent provenance.  VF and toned with weak areas 6 o’clock obverse / 3 o’clock reverse (corresponding) due to an angled strike.  A hard coin for me to photograph so several attempts included, including one with a cheap camera phone.  A rare coin.  £5,895 RESERVED (J.K.16-4-22 Lay-Away)