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English Coin Books

WS-Book-035: 1968 Coin Book. Cheap - 5



Tokens (inc Conder)

WS-Book-028: Welsh Industrial Tokens & Medals. 30 pages, lots of images, covers 1800's. 16



USA / Canada

WS-Book-004: Silver & Nickel Dollars of Canada. H/B, dust sheet, 1978, 171 pages, text & illustrations. 14

WS-Book-024: USA Numismatics and Medal Book. Relating to the start of trade (14th cent +) 14

WS-Book-002: USA Hard Times Tokens Price Guide. 10




WS-Book-003: The Coinage of Roman Britain. H/B, dust sheet, 1951, 95 pages, text & illustrations. 25

WS-Book-019: 1936 Book - Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire. 17

WS-Book-020: 1946 Book - Roman Byzantine Empire. 16




WS-Book-006: Humphreys Coin Collectors Manual Vol II. H/B, 1880, goes from p.353 - 726 (see WS-Book-57), text & illustrations, all periods, all areas, emphasis on UK. RARE. 46.50

WS-Book-010: The Numismatic Chronicle 1959. S/B, 300+ pages, text & illustrations, very interesting read. 18.50

WS-Book-032: x3 Glendinings Coin Auction Catalogues. World coins - excellent reference source. 12

WS-Book-033: 1910 "Archaeological Journal". GB and full of interesting information! 16

WS-Book-038: "The Battle of Tewkesbury". 1971 pamphlet. I learnt a thing or two from this! 6

WS-Book-039: 1923 Book: Medals of the Renaissance in the British Museum. Several photographs on every page. Superb! 28

WS-Book-040: 1976 "World Coins" book. Colour plate and some ancients. 12

WS-Book-041: "The Pyramids of Egypt". 1947 information book with plates. 9

WS-Book-045: 1942 Reference Book on GB Elizabeth I. See image for details. 14

WS-Book-046: 1941 Reference Book on GB Oliver Cromwell. See image for details. 14

WS-Book-048: x3 1950's Antiquarian Archaeology Reviews. See image. 18

WS-Book-054: 1914 Archaeological Journal. Plenty of plates & an interesting journal. 16

WS-Book-055: 1960 Booklet; "Collectanea Hibernica, Sources For Irish History". Catalogue. 6

WS-Book-056: 1905 "The Americans" Book. A huge volume full of fascinating information! 28

WS-Book-057: Humphries Coin Collecting Manual Volume 1, 1891. H/B, 1891, goes from p.1 - 352 (see WS-Book-6), text & illustrations, all periods, all areas, emphasis on UK. RARE. 46.50 Special Offer: Vol I & II (WS-Books-6 & 57) @ 70

WS-Book-058: Celtic Coinage in Britain. A key book on Celtic Coinage, written by the acknowledged expert Philip de Jersey. As new. 10