Ancient Gold Coins

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Scottish & English Hammered Gold Coins:


WAu-7031:  Richard II Hammered Gold Noble.  Type IIIC, Calais, RICA|RD:DI:GR:REX:ANG:Z.FRANC:DNS:HIB Z AQ – French titles resumed.  7.05 grams, 2h, initial marl cross pattee.  Spink 1663.  Only two other altered die types have been offered on any global platform this millennium.  Ex Sir Rodney Sweetnam, KCVO, CB, ex Spink.  Sold with an extremely comprehensive auction ticket.  VF grade.  £6,550 RESERVED


WAu-7073:  Charles 1st  Hammered Gold Crown.  Tower mint, group A, first bust, initial mark Lis, reverse “squat” shield indicating that this issue was the very first gold crown to be struck – the obverse shows Charles still in his coronation robes – in 1625.  Spink 2709.  How different the start of Charles’ reign was compared to the end!  Nice coin.  £1,250




English Gold Milled Coins:


George III


WAu-5714:  1810 George III Gold Third Guinea.  Second bust (short hair).  No mount marks and EF grade.  Spink price is £625 (2021).  £459


WAu-6898:  1788 over 87 George III Full gold Guinea.  Fifth laureate bust, “spade” shield.  Extremely rare overdate variety (see here) that is mentioned in Spink (S.3729) as being “known to exist”.  Not mentioned at all in Coincraft.  This image (here) shows the weight and the edge at 12 o’clock to show there has been no mounting of this coin.  A great rarity in the series.  £1,750