Ancient Gold Coins

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Scottish & English Hammered Gold Coins:


WAu-7147: Richard II Medieval Hammered Gold Noble. Type IIB, London mint with French titles omitted: RIC|ARD:DEI:GRA:REX:AnGL:DnS:hIB Z AQT. Full weight and the fine style variety of Spink 1655. A good, old VF in grade and problem-free. Ex Trajan collection, ex Spink. A choice example. 6,795


WAu-7097: Henry V Hammered Gold Noble. 1413-22. Class C, London. King standing in his ship, mullet by sword arm, broken annulet on the side of the ship. 6.99g, 8h, i.m. Incurved Cross, Stewartby III, class Ca, Schneider 1, 232. Spink 1742. once lightly cleaned, now with a reddish tone. Uniformly sharp a handsome bold VF. Ex Spink, ex Trajan collection. 7,795




English Gold Milled Coins:


George III


WAu-5714: 1810 George III Gold Third Guinea. Second bust (short hair). No mount marks and EF grade. Spink price is 625 (2021). 459