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Commemorative Medals


WCA-5522:  1689 William & Mary Large Coronation Medal.  Persius delivering Andromeda from a sea monster.  By George Bower in white metal.  £129


WCA-5425:  1689 William & Mary Very Large Silver Coronation Medal.  Designed by George Bower for the coronation.  There had been issues with James II so it was heavily promoted at the time that the coronation of William & Mary to the throne of England was a very positive step forward for the country.  A beautiful medal, at least in my opinion.  £475


WCA-5387:  1689 Large William & Mary “Act of Toleration” Medal.  An interesting medal that pretty much ignore the Queen and displays only William on the obverse.  Further, the medal commemorates the Act of Toleration which effectively gave the green light to all religious dissenters (and there were many) to come out into the open, free of reprisals, legal or otherwise.  I imagine it wasn’t quite as simple as that!  £239


WCA-5504:  1689 William & Mary Silver Medal.  Coronation medal commemorating the festivities in Rotterdam.  A well executed medal that has seen life in circulation although as it lies between a shilling and halfcrown, one wonders at what denomination it circulated as.  £165






WCA-6397:  1694 William & Mary Silver Proof Farthing.  Plain edge.  Peck 623.  EF grade and simply stunning.  Choice.  £745 


WCA-5416:  1694 William & Mary Silver Proof Farthing.  Plain edge.  Heavier than usual and with some wear so was obviously in circulation as currency.  Contemporary planchets fault on reverse at 12 o’clock.  Unlisted in Peck.  £395


WCA-5481:  1694 William & Mary Copper Proof Halfpenny.  Over weight and larger planchet, en medaille die axis.  Usual die flaw on rim (described in Peck).  Good VF grade.  Peck 612 although the N’s are unusual and seemingly not rerecorded in Peck.  A lovely coin in very nice grade considering the soft nature of the copper used in this period.  £539






WCA-5238:  William & Mary Pattern Farthing - Silver.  Circa 1689.  William one side, Mary the other.  Nice grade.  Part of an old collection.  £255


WCA-6494:  William & Mary Pattern Copper Halfpenny.  Circa 1689.  William one side, Mary the other – a marked difference to the standard conjoined busts coinage that we are all familiar with.  Listed in Peck (636).  Rare.  £245




Half Crowns


WCA-5980: 1689 William & Mary Silver Half Crown.  Rarer first reverse shield with no pearls.  Strong edge.  £255


WCA-5956: 1689 William & Mary Silver Half Crown – Momento Mori.  Hand engraved on the obverse, “S.S. 1802” and on the reverse, “S.S.” within a pair of funerary urns.  This, and several other engraved coins, would have been given out to relatives and guests of S.S. upon his or her funeral in 1802.  An interesting insight into the social practices of over 200 years ago.  £95


WCA-5871:  1693 William & Mary Silver Half Crown.  Inverted 6 for 9.  Rarer date.  £345






WCA-6352:  1689 William & Mary Silver Groat.  Conjoined busts, possible obverse I over E.  Spink 3440.  £95


WCA-5682:  1689 William & Mary Silver Threepence.  Unusual contemporary planchet fault on the reverse.  William & Mary odds are regularly priced around the £100 mark at coin fairs now.  £59


WCA-6532:  1689 William & Mary Silver Halfgroat.  Spink 3443.  Conjoined busts.  Nice grade.  £85


WCA-6533:  1690 William & Mary Silver Penny.  Spink 3445.  Conjoined busts.  William & Mary pennies, even if you take the 1689 penny out of the equation, are a hard denomination to source.  £109


WCA-5798:  1691 over 90 William & Mary Silver Groat.  Nice grade, clear over-date.  £95


WCA-5689:  1693 William & Mary Silver Twopence.  3 over 2 date – E.S.C. 2200A and listed Rare.  £85


WCA-5647:  1694 William & Mary Silver Twopence.  William & Mary Maundy pieces are uncommon in any grade these days.  £69






WCA-5310:  1691 William & Mary Tin Halfpenny.  An interesting, high grade contemporary counterfeit!  This would easily have passed as the real thing in the 1690’s and even today amongst some dealers & collectors.  However, it is a cast and as such there is no edge legend.  The brass plug is obviously not brass on this coin.  Reported to be a River Thames find from the 1970’s which would account for the high state of preservation.  See Contemporary Counterfeit section (Georgian)






WCA-6003:  1694 William & Mary Copper Halfpenny – Rare Variety & Choice.  Easily VF for issue and probably better.  That grade in itself makes this single year issue for copper desirable.  It was a large issue but widely circulated over a great many years.  The tin halfpence and farthings were extremely short lived in both issue but more importantly life-span, which again put the burden on the coppers.  It is worth repeating: You hardly ever see VF or better W&M halfpennies.  This coin is the rare “1694  unbarred A’s in MARIA” variety (see image) which Spink rate at £525 in VF (2015 price guide).  £395