Henry VII (1485 - 1509) Read about Henry VII




WTH-6655:  Henry VII Hammered Silver Groat.  Initial mark Lis upon half Rose / Lis so 1487.  The much rarer Class I: Spink 2193.  Excellent grade.  £325


WTH-6729:  Henry VII Hammered Silver Groat.  Initial mark Anchor, 1499-1502, type IIIc, Spink 2199.  Clear details (portrait & legends) and with the sought after anchor mark.  £155






WTH-6622:  Henry VII Hammered Silver Halfgroat.  Initial mark Martlet (1504-9), York Episcopal mint struck under Archbishop Savage.  Double arched crown.  Spink 2214.  No clipping and a very good strike to the portrait with weakness to the right key (worn dies perhaps?) and a mark to the king’s cheek.  A very nice and clear example.  £95


WTH-6722:  Henry VII Tudor Hammered Silver Episcopal Issue Halfgroat.  Canterbury mint struck jointly under the king and Archbishop Morton.  Spink 2211 – im Tun, type IIc.  £49