Edward VI (1547 - 1553) Read about Edward VI





WTH-5796: 1551 Edward VI Hammered Silver Halfcrown. Fine silver issue, i.m. y is 1551 only. Southwark. The first English coin dated in the way we recognise (ie not Roman numerals). A large, problem-free Tudor silver coin. 1,685





WTH-6338: 1550 Edward VI Hammered Silver Shilling. Tower mint, bust 4, initial mark Swan. Dated 1550 which is a rarer year than the usual 1549. Spink 2466 (900 2016). High grade for issue with silver content looking very much like that of the Fine Silver issue of 1551. 389





WTH-6401: 1551-53 Edward VI Hammered Silver Sixpence. Fine issue, im Tun. Spink 2483. Very good grade. 395





WTH-6325: Edward VI Hammered Silver Portrait Halfgroat. First issue of 1547-49. Spink 2459. Rare in this grade - 1,350 in VF and this is about that grade for issue. Ex Spink. 995