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WTH-5796:1551 Edward VI Hammered Silver Halfcrown.Fine silver issue, i.m. y is 1551 only.Southwark.The first English coin dated in the way we recognise (ie not Roman numerals).A large, problem-free Tudor silver coin.£1,685






WTH-6631:1549 Edward VI Hammered Silver Shilling.Initial mark Y, bust 5, Southwark mint.Ex Carlyon-Britton (pre í63), ex Seaby 1963.Sold with 1963 ticket.Hard to photograph so hereís an extra image using a cheap camera phone.Spink 2266B.Very good silver content coupled with an excellent portrait and good legends.£445


WI-6030:Irish Edward VI Hammered Silver Brass Shilling.Spink 6494A.Most unusual regnal reading of DWARD with the harp in place of the E of Edward!This issue is now considered to be a contemporary counterfeit.However it is recorded that this issue, termed the Bungal issue, circulated freely in Connacht at a value of one penny.The brass copies usually imitated the 1552 Irish base issue, obverse initial mark harp; yet strangely a 1549 Southwark reverse was copied to produce this coin.The Y initial mark lacks the vertical shaft making it look more like a V and tends to resemble only the lower portion of the harp, but this example is particularly clear as the Y or V has notched serifs on top and lacks the curved upper cross piece of the harp.The gross mismatch between obverse and reverse certainly supports the idea of these being unauthorized issues. It is easily the best grade example of the small handful that Iíve seen.Coincraft states that they are rarely found in anything better than VG grade.This coin far exceeds that.It is interesting to note that the official Irish EdwardVI shilling, im Harp, is a truly awful looking issue as well as being incredibly rare.The last example to go to auction that Iím aware of (1998) fetched £1,300 before commission costs.If you are looking for a true Irish Edward VI shilling, you will not do much better than this.See Irish section






WTH-6325:Edward VI Hammered Silver Portrait Halfgroat.First issue of 1547-49.Spink 2459.Rare in this grade - £1,350 in VF and this is about that grade for issue.Ex Spink.£995






WTH-6613:Edward VI Hammered Billon Silver Penny.Third period, circa 1551, initial mark Mullet.Spink 2475.York mint.£95