Edward VI (1547 - 1553) Read about Edward VI





WTH-5796:  1551 Edward VI Hammered Silver Halfcrown.  Fine silver issue, i.m. y is 1551 only.  Southwark.  The first English coin dated in the way we recognise (ie not Roman numerals).  A large, problem-free Tudor silver coin.  £1,685






WTH-6631:  1549 Edward VI Hammered Silver Shilling.  Initial mark Y, bust 5, Southwark mint.  Ex Carlyon-Britton (pre ’63), ex Seaby 1963.  Sold with 1963 ticket.  Hard to photograph so here’s an extra image using a cheap camera phone.  Spink 2266B.  Very good silver content coupled with an excellent portrait and good legends.  £445


WTH-6338:  1550 Edward VI Hammered Silver Shilling.  Tower mint, bust 4, initial mark Swan.  Dated 1550 which is a rarer year than the usual 1549.  Spink 2466 (£900 2016).  High grade for issue with silver content looking very much like that of the Fine Silver issue of 1551.  £389






WTH-6325:  Edward VI Hammered Silver Portrait Halfgroat.  First issue of 1547-49.  Spink 2459.  Rare in this grade - £1,350 in VF and this is about that grade for issue.  Ex Spink.  £995






WTH-6613:  Edward VI Hammered Billon Silver Penny.  Third period, circa 1551, initial mark Mullet.  Spink 2475.  York mint.  £95