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Updated 6th July 2020


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WAu-6898:  1788 over 87 George III Full gold Guinea.  Fifth laureate bust, “spade” shield.  Extremely rare overdate variety (see here) that is mentioned in Spink (S.3729) as being “known to exist”.  Not mentioned at all in Coincraft.  This image (here) shows the weight and the edge at 12 o’clock to show there has been no mounting of this coin.  A great rarity in the series.  £1,750


WI-6648:  1722 Type 1 Irish American William Wood Copper Halfpenny.  About VF.  Rare in this grade, rarer still being this first issue.  £355


WI-6888:  1691 (this coin undated – read on!) Limerick Besieged Copper Irish Halfpenny.  Limerick was besieged in 1690-91 with no fresh metal available to mint coinage.  As a result, they gathered in as much of the large Gun Money shillings (from 1689-90) as they could and over-struck them with the new "Limerick Besieged" dies.  Large shillings were halfpennies, small shillings farthings.  There is ongoing research on this.  This coin is the most unusual Limerick halfpenny I have ever seen:



1. The central crown of the reverse gun money host coin can clearly be seen, inverted 180 degrees.

2. The V is IACOBVS is an inverted A whereas it was a definite V on the obverse die itself.



1. The king's hair of the host coin can clearly be seen, again inverted 180 degrees.

2. There is no date (1691) whatsoever as IACOBVS (and note the V is a V, not an inverted A) still remains.

3. The N of HIBERNIA, always inverted on the die, looks more like an A with a vertical line to the right.


A truly unique and extremely interesting coin!  Spink 6594.  £465


WI-6548:  1805 Irish GILT-PROOF Copper Halfpenny.  Plain edge, EF or better.  £245


WSC-6717:  1695 Scottish William II Silver 40 Shillings.  A large Scottish silver coin in remarkably good grade for the issue.  Spink 5679.  Ex Spink, ex Coincraft (their ticket here).  Rare in this grade.  £445


WSC-6626:  1697 Scottish William II Silver 40 Shillings.  A large Scottish silver coin in remarkably good grade for the issue.  Spink 5682 (Spink 2015: £675, £2,250).  Rare in this grade.  £645


WAu-6691:  1701 William II of Scotland Milled Gold Half Pistole.  A single year issue of this excessively rare Scottish gold coin which was current at £6 in Scotland.  Spink 5677.  Both the full and half pistole were struck from gold dust imported by the Darien Co. (The Scottish African Company) from the Central American colony of Darien.  The company asked that its crest, a sun rising from the sea, should be placed on the coinage as an acknowledgement to themselves and to the “Rising Sun”, the ship which had carried the gold.  That emblem is under William II’s bust.  The half pistole is rarer than the full pistole in terms of availability although find either for sale and you’re doing better than nearly everyone else. (E)  £2,950