Edward I, II & III

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Edward I (1272-1307) (Read about Edward I)





WMH-6427:  Edward I Medieval Hammered Silver GROAT.  Struck very early on during the New Coinage which commenced 1279.  Bust with larger oval face with bushy hair, thick curved drapery with rosette in centre, quatrefoil in three lines surrounding bust, flowers in spandrels, obv. triple pellet stops, mm. cross pattée, rev. with pellet barred N and colon stops :DNS HIBN' EDVX AQVT', 4.99g, (S.1379E, N.1006, Fox 4). Never gilt or mounted , slight edge chip and only about fair but very rare.  Ruding says that during the reign of Edward I, William de Turnmire, of Marseilles was appointed to the office of Master of the Mint in England, under an agreement dated Thursday the Feast of the Conception of the Blessed Mary, in the eighth year of Edward's reign (i.e. 8 December 1279). Amongst other things it was agreed that Master William should make great Sterling ('grossus sterlingus') to the value of four lesser sterling.  This new denomination proved unpopular with an almost complete recall sometime after the date of the class 3g coinage.  Ex Beauchamp Coins, ex AMR, ex Yorkshire collection.  Sold with these tickets.  On-line provenance here.  An excessively rare coin (Jon Mann, the acclaimed numismatic researcher, ex of Spink, stated on his ticket that there were only 59 recorded groats for Edward 1st by Dr Martin Allen) with the bulk being either gilt or mounted or both.  This coin is neither…and neither does it come with the usual £10,000 price tag!  £2,850






 “Long Cross Coinage” in the name of hENRICVS:  1272 – 1278


WMH-6117:  Edward I Medieval Silver “Voided Long Cross” Penny.  Edward 1st but the initial issue struck in the name of Henry. ION of Bury St Edmonds, type VI.  Spink 1377.  £79




“New Coinage” in king’s own name:  1279 - 1307


London & Canterbury Mints


WMH-6135:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  London mint, nice clear bust.  £35


WMH-6343:  Edward 1st Medieval Hammered Silver Penny.  Canterbury mint, class 10cf3, old collection piece (click here for tickets).  Spink 1419.  £49




Other Mints


WMH-6137:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  VILLA BRISTOLLIE – Bristol mint, class 3cd.  £39


WMH-6344:  Edward 1st Medieval Hammered Silver Penny.  York mint, class 3b, old collection piece (click here for tickets).  Ex Spink.  Spink 1430.  £49


WMH-6346:  Edward 1st Medieval Hammered Silver Penny.  Durham mint, class 10cf1, old collection piece (click here for tickets).  Ex Elmore Jones.  Spink 1423.  £49


WMH-6433:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  VILL SCIE DMV NDI – Bury St Edmonds mint, Spink 1418.  £48


WMH-6434:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  VIVI TAS CES TRIE – Chester mint, class 9b.  Chester and Exeter are the rarest of all the Edward 1st provincial mints – out of the 12,236 pennies found in the Aberdeen Hoard of 1886, over 12,000 were English with only 21 being from the Chester mint.  The few coins you do see from Chester are nearly always worn.  This is a very good example.  £185


WMH-6584:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Penny.  VILL NOV CAS TRI – Newcastle mint, class 9b.  £49






WMH-5704:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Round Farthing.  London, class 10.  Full flan on usual oval planchet with extremely clear detail.  Rare thus.  £49


WMH-5916:  Edward 1st Hammered Silver Round Farthing.  London (LONDONIENSIS) mint.  Class 3de.  S.1445A.  A choice example.  £115





WMH-6306:  Edward 1st Medieval English Jetton.  Based on the class 10 issue of Edward 1st.  English.  £44 RESERVED – on Layaway (J.K.13-3-18)





Edward II (AD 1307-27) Read about Edward II





WMH-6535:  Edward 2nd Hammered Silver “Sterling” Penny.  Gaucher of Chatillon, 1313-22.  An Yves continental imitation silver penny that circulated freely during the time of Edward II and beyond, ultimately finding its way into the famous Aberdeed Hoard of 12,236 pennies which was found in May of 1886.  To illustrate how rare these Sterling issues are, this exact coin was one of only eighty four Sterlings in the hoard of 12,236 coins.  Old tickets here.  Ex J.R. Stewart, ex Baldwins.  £125


WMH-6083:  Edward 2nd Hammered Silver Penny.  A class 13 penny of Canterbury with the central fleur as a Greek double axe.  £44 RESERVED on Layaway (J.K.13-3-18)


WMH-6543:  Edward 2nd Hammered Silver Class 14 Penny.  Episcopal issue struck under Bishop Beaumont of Durham.  Spink 1470.  Initial mark Lion & Lis.  £49






WMH-5961:  Edward II Hammered Silver Round Farthing.  London.  Full flan, nearly full legend.  Coincraft describes Edward 2nd farthings as rare, especially if the indicators (legend, unbarred N’s etc) are clear.  £79


WMH-6544:  Edward II Hammered Silver Round Farthing.  London.  Spink 1474.  Class 11 with strong portrait and prominent pellet eyes.  £49




Edward III (AD 1327-77) Read about Edward III.


Hammered Gold


WAu-6534:  Edward III Hammered Gold Full Noble.  Transitional Treaty Period issue, circa 1361 only, Spink 1499.  No crack, chips or any other issues other than a slightly rough edge.  Very nice grade – easily VF detail – being a rarer, single issue type and listed at £4,000 in Spink 2018.  Very few nobles from this Transitional Treaty Period enter the market place (London coins have only ever sold a single example).  Detailed old ticket images here.  North list this as Rare and they seldom go above scarce for nobles.  £3,150




Hammered Silver




WMH-6642:  Edward III Hammered Silver Groat.  London mint.  Fourth coinage, 1351-77.  Type C (Lombardic M, cross 1), circa 1351-2 only, Spink 1565.  Ex Cromwell Coins.  Slightly off-struck on a full flan (obverse).  A very nice coin.  £175






WMH-6477:  Edward III Hammered Silver Halfgroat.  London mint, Post Treaty, 1369-77.  Spink 1640.  With an inner circle of 16mm, this Halfgroat (groats have a 20mm inner circle), this coin is virtually the same size as a groat!  2.11 grams, 32.6 grains.  £175


WMH-6597:  Edward III Hammered Silver Halfgroat.  London mint, Pre Treaty, 1351-61.  Spink 1574.  Sold with an old detailed sales ticket.  £79






WMH-6616:  Edward III Hammered Silver Penny.  London mint, Third or “Florin” coinage, 1344-51.  Class 1 - Spink 1543.  Nice grade.  £75






WMH-5851:  Edward III Hammered Silver Halfpenny.  Rare FIRST coinage, 1327-35.  Berwick mint - bear’s head in 4th reverse quarter.  A rare coin.  £165


WMH-6579:  Edward III Hammered Silver Halfpenny.  Third Florin coinage, 1344-51.  The very rare Reading mint - escallop in 4th reverse quarter.  Reading Mint, issued by the Abbot of Reading, facing crowned bust with shoulders, beaded circles and legend surrounding without stops, +EDWARDVS REX A.  The right of Reading Abbey to have a mint and moneyer had originally been established in the reign of Henry I, but it subsequently lapsed. However, in 1338 the right was revived by Edward III and the mint struck some of the later star-marked halfpennies.  Half Pence rated as Extremely Rare by Lord Stewartby.  The third coinage halfpennies are thought to be reused dies from the only other Reading mint – the second coinage.  A very rare coin.  £225