James II (1685 - 8) Read about James II






WCA-5385:  1687 James II Full Silver Crown.  TERTIO edge (normal lettering) but the 8 of the date is distinctly odd, looking more like a lower case “g”.  No over-date is listed in ESC for this or any of the J.II crowns.  £525


WCA-5957:  1687 James II Full Silver Crown.  Interestingly modified to incorporate x2 small blades.  See images here and here.  £225


WCA-5393:  1687 James II Full Silver Crown – Birthing Love Token.  TERTIO edge.  “G W 1798”.  Once again, as in WCA-5230, a 100+ year old coin was chosen for the engraving.  £239


WCA-6647:  1688 James II Full Silver Crown.  QVARTO edge in very strong lettering.  A rarer date in the three year series.  £395






WCA-6500:  1686 James II Silver Twopence.  A short-reigned monarch.  This coin the rarer variety with an unbarred A in IACOBVS.  £79


WCA-6614:  1687 James II Silver Threepence.  A short-reigned monarch.  £69


WCA-6628:  1686 James II Silver Fourpence.  A short-reigned monarch.  £78






WCA-5487:  1688 James II Large Silver “Religious” Medal.  A crown-sized medal commemorating Archbishop Sancroft and six Bishops being committed to the Tower for not agreeing to the religious dictates of James II.  This all came to a head in the Spring of 1688 when James VII of Scotland / James II of England ordered his Declaration of Indulgence.  This suspended penal laws against Catholics and was to be read from every Anglican pulpit in England. The Church of England and its staunchest supporters, the peers and gentry, were naturally outraged, with these seven paying a heavy price for there opposition.  Interestingly, James was a protestant although on his deathbed he did convert o Catholicism.  Truth is stranger than fiction!  £375