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Hammered Gold


WAu-6658: James 1st Hammered Gold Angel. Second coinage, initial mark Bell, 1610 1611. Spink 2616 but better than the top grade of VF in Spink. 4.44 grams. Pierced for use as a touch piece (the coin would have been pre-pierced and suspended on a ribbon for wear around the neck) and thus guaranteed to have been touched by King James 1st himself at an official Touching Ceremony to cure Scrofula (modern day Tubercularosis). See THE SOVEREIGN REMEDY Touch Pieces and the Kings Evil by NOEL WOOLF for further reading. Sufferers of the disease were invited to attend by strict invitation only - a pass was given which allowed entry. The King personally gave every sufferer who was invited to attend one of these gold touchpieces. The theory was that the King touched the gold touchpiece and then personally gave it to the sufferer, so through the king, God also touched the sufferer. The touchpieces were purposefully pierced, always in the same position, in order that sufferers could wear them around their necks, next to their skin. The vast majority of these would have been melted down and the money spent on everyday living, if not by the sufferer, then surely by his or her descendants. Recipients were not always commoners. This coin has hardly any wear so bearing in mind it is high carat gold, was intended to be worn next to the skin where it would naturally get wear, its amazing its in such high grade. I wonder if this particular recipient found to his cost that James 1st could not cure him? Sold with an old pictorial sales / auction slip. Catalogued at 2,000 in the 2018 Spink guide but bear in mind the grade of this coin exceeds that valuation. Both the initial marks are of particular interest: the obverse is Bell over Coronet whilst the reverse is Bell over Key. I dont recall coming across any coin before where the initial marks are overstamped with different marks and where those earlier initial marks were so clear. High grade and a rare thing, being an unambiguous and tangible piece of English (and I suppose British if you take into account the Scottish connection) royal family history. (E) 1,950. RESERVED




Hammered Silver




WJC-6105: James 1st Hammered Silver Shilling. Third coinage, sixth (curly hair) bust. Initial mark Lis, 1623 1624. Spink 2668. Lovely grade. 249






WJC-6677: 1605 James 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence. Second coinage, third bust, im Lis. The famous year of Guy Fawkes Gunpowder plot where he and his fellow conspirators attempted to blow up Parliament in order to kill the king James 1st. Spink 2657. Very nice grade indeed, easily being the best Ive ever had through my hands. 195 RESERVED (S.J.18-2-19)


WJC-6489: 1606 James 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence. Second coinage, third bust, im Escallop. Better date, very nice grade. 145


WJC-5564: 1624 James 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence. Sixth (and final) bust, im Lis. Better late date, very nice grade. 189






WJC-6456: James 1st Hammered Silver Penny. Third coinage, initial mark Lis, Spink 2672. 69






WJC-6457: James 1st Hammered Silver Halfpenny. Second coinage, initial mark Rose, Spink 2663. 69


WJC-6490: James 1st Hammered Silver Halfpenny. Third coinage with no initial mark. Spink 2673. Very nice grade. 69