James I (1603 - 25) Read about James I






WJC-5312:  James 1st Hammered Silver “Heart” Shilling.  Cut into the shape of a heart with a gold loop.  If this was Charles 1st I’d be happy to call it a supporter’s badge.  It is still possible that this modification took place as a result of support for the monarchy during the Commonwealth.  If a personal love token between two romantically involved individuals, you would expect some sort of message etched into the coin, unless the person performing the modification was illiterate?  An interesting, personalised piece and a direct link to a particular point in history.  £95


WJC-6105:  James 1st Hammered Silver Shilling.  Third coinage, sixth (curly hair) bust.  Initial mark Lis, 1623 – 1624.  Spink 2668.  Lovely grade.  £249






WJC-5564:  1624 James 1st Hammered Silver Sixpence.  Sixth (and final) bust, im lis.  Better late date, very nice grade.  £189






WJC-5667:  James 1st Gold QUARTER Angel Coin weight.  The actual coin is not know to exist other than as a pattern.  High grade and rare.  £135