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WCA-5958:  1707 and 1739 (Queen Anne & George II) Silver Halfcrown Patch / Pill / Snuff Box.  A delightfully constructed box (see extra images here) made out of the two halfcrowns with some extra silver to create the depth of the box.  The lid opens with a flawlessly functioning hinge and the box snaps or clicks together to remain closed most effectively.  Lovely.  See “Queen Anne” in the Ch.II to Anne section






WG-5975:  1746 George II Silver Sixpence.  LIMA below bust.  £49


WG-5883:  1757 George II Silver Sixpence.  Plain angles.  £39




Maundy Silver


WG-5751:  1732 George II Silver Twopence.  ESC 2228.  £55


WG-6023:  1735 George II Silver Twopence.  ESC 2229.  £59


WG-6024:  1737 George II Silver Penny.  ESC 2333.  £59


WG-5872:  1752 George II Silver Penny.  ESC 2343.  £69


WG-5966:  1754 George II Silver Penny.  ESC 2346.  £65






WG-4983:  1732 George II Farthing – Love Token.  A “Bender” love token.  Quite unusual to see these on such a low denomination coin.  Love on a budget!  £17


WG-5809:  1733 George II Isle of Man Copper Halfpenny.  James Stanley’s single year issue.  Struck in soft copper so extremely prone to wear.  £82