George I (1714-27) Read about George I





WG-5570: 1720 George 1st Silver Shilling. First bust, plain angles. Flat strike area otherwise a lovely grade coin. 195





WG-5862: 1723 George 1st Copper Farthing or Half Farthing. A late second issue farthing that should have a wide collar (see image). This coin has none. The weight is just about 50% of what it should be as a result of the dies being struck on a much reduced flan. The coin has a degree of wear so has been in circulation for a period of time. There is no reference to a pattern half farthing in Peck so the assumption must be that this is a very early high quality contemporary counterfeit. An unusual and intriguing coin. (E) 69


WU-6333: 1723 Irish American William Wood Copper Halfpenny. Much better grade than normally seen. See Irish section