100 - 1 BC



WBC-3899:  Corieltauvi Celtic Unit - Horse, vestiges of Boar.  Mid to late 1st century BC.  Silver.  £139


WBC-3900:  Corieltauvi Celtic Fractional Unit - Horse, no Boar.  Mid to late 1st century BC.  Silver.  £109


WBC-3901:  Cunobelin Celtic Unit - Sphynx & Winged Bust.  Pre 40 AD.  Silver.  £125


WBC-4130:  Celtic Silver Unit - Corieltauvi – Horse.  Boar-Horse type II.  £99


WBC-5835:  Iceni Celtic Silver Unit – Boudicca Type.  Was once attributed to Boudicca (her fame as the Celtic leader who rampaged against the mighty Romans is still remembered today) although recent study indicates the bust is of a moustachioed Norfolk god, probably based on Cunobelinus, circa AD 10-15.  £135


WAu-6357:  English Celtic Full Gold Stater.  “Chute” type, 65 BC.  Head of Apollo, disjointed (abstract) horse with crab below.  £489